Pet of the Month.

Skooner November 2022

Hi!  I’m Skooner

How did you come to live with your current family? They saved me from a woman who thought a puppy would be a good idea. It wasn’t a good idea. For either one of us.

What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you? I put my ball on my bed, shake my bed until the ball flies off and I can chase after it.

Besides Day Care… what do you love? My Mumsie and Daddy. Because they feed me. I love anyone who feeds me though, so….

What are your favorite toys or games?
Ball, ball, ball! I love chasing them, and playing tug of war when they are hanging from a string attached to the ceiling…the ones in the garage for mom to target when she comes in are THE BEST.

For enrichment, what do you prefer? food, scent, movement? something else? Food. Is there anything else?

If you had a major in college…what would it be? Shenanigans

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say? Hey girl. Are you furry? Younger? Do you like to play with balls? Call me. Or smell my bum. (Wink wink)

Describe your perfect day. Get up, poop. Immediately. Eat. Walk with mom. Nap. Play ball with dad, eat, nap. Repeat in the afternoon. Eat. Play with my ball on the bed and pass out.

We know your real name is, but what are some of your nicknames? Skoonie, Skooniekins, Handsome; Skooner BaNooner, The Skoon, Bubbles, nuggie noo

What was your favorite trip you’ve taken? Any time we go to Sucia. The smells! The places I poop! Outrageous!

Do you have a best dog friend? At Tails or outside of Tails of course! Too many, I can’t remember the names! Anyone my size.

Are you a morning dog or a night owl? Morning.

Peanut butter or whipped cream? Both
Ball or stick? Ball

What’s the stinkiest thing you have ever rolled in? Well!! There was a very dead thing in the neighbor’s back yard. To the point where it was VERY decomposed . It smelled lovely! So, I started with the side of my nose, and just ground my face, ear along the whole side of my body in this mass of black-green goo. I was very proud to show Mumsie. She didn’t seem happy… then she put me in the tub! What the heck?!

Where is your favorite place to sleep? (and no, you won’t get in trouble if you say your Hoomon’s Bed) I always need my space – so one of the three beds I have. Every morning, around 2, I hop up to their bed. Always mom’s side-she let’s me snuggle.

Other information we should know about you? My dad will never admit it, but he loves me soooo much. But my mom loves me way more. I think even more than dad.😂 #hardtruth