Pet of the Month.

Harlund March 2018

Harlund - Pet of the Month

How did you come to live with your current family?
I was hanging out in sunny California in a couple of places but not really digging it much so I took a plane ride to Washington through a really awesome outfit called Alternative Humane Society where I met my peoples. I have 3 siblings of the feline kind…McKinley, Moose and Tabor. They are pretty cool but they don’t want to play with me and really don’t care for chasing but it doesn’t matter because I have my TAW family. I ADORE my TAW peeps and puppy friends and I can get my chase on with them.

What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you?
When my toys get tired I take all of them to the southwest corner of the house where they can rest. If you leave your undergarments or socks on the ground or leave the washer machine open, I will gather them up and take them out there too for their rest time. It may look a bit dumpy to you but it isn’t….it is just a plethora of goodness and there are no visiting hours for me…I can see them as many times and as much as I want.

If I am particularly fond of a bone or toy I will find a special place for it in the yard, under the sofa cushion or in a bed. Sometimes I get concerned that I have not found the best hiding spot for my favorite items, as I am most certain the meows want to take them. I pace around the house worrying and whining and I bury, then unbury and bury again. It is a lot of work for a short guy.

Besides Day Care… what do you love?
Bossy lady poodles…the more bossy the better
Being chased
Puppachinos, cookies, treats, meat, bones, bully sticks
Giving kisses
Belly rubs from my girlfriends (I will whine and shake my bum for them)
Nighttime and morning snuggles
Walks, hikes, sprinting

What are your favorite toys or games?
Chase!! You chase me; I chase you and repeat…
Bird on a wire (my meow siblings toys…LOVE them so much)
The red dot
Stuffed alligators, pigs and horses
If you had a major in college…what would it be?
I have a major in the ladies with a minor in “chase me” (it is important to note you must pronounce “me” just like Reese Witherspoon does in Legally Blonde in order to get the full effect of this degree).

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?
If you like a man bun and short hairy legs
If you’re not into fetching ball, if you have half a steak
If you like playing chase until midnight, in our hood let’s escape
I’m the love that you’ve howled for, bark for me and its fate
(You may have noticed it is difficult for me not to think about the pina colada song when writing my personal ad)

Other information we should know about you?
I am the self-elected household POPO….if you are a big orange cat hanging out on the kitchen counter or if you drive big loud brown vans, carrying your boxes, clicking your handheld electronic device or if you have a knapsack