Daycare FAQs.

Q: How Can I Get My Dog Started In Daycare?

A: We ARE currently accepting new dogs into daycare, but note that we only allow one new dog a day, so we can book out far in advance. 

Ready to join us for daycare? Then it’s time for you to create a Paw Partner account! We utilize Paw Partner’s phone app and website for all reservations. This locally made software will have many wonderful features, including:

  • Customers can download the Paw Partner app from the google play store and apple store to their phone AND they can access their profiles via the website.
  • Phone push notifications (if you have the app) and email notifications for when vaccinations are coming due
  • The ability to request daycare reservations online and view them once they have been accepted
  • A direct link to an album of all the photos of your dog through each daycare day, no searching through all the photos!!

To get started, please go to the Paw Partner Website, and create an account.

First, upload a photo of yourself for security purposes. If you have other people that are allowed to drop off and pick up your dog, we will need their name/phone number/photo.  in the emergency contact section. Consider using a group/family photo.

To create a reservation, first, log into your Paw Partner account. From this page, on the left-hand side under your account profile picture, there are the following options: Home, Pets & Vaccines, Reservations, Followers, Images, and Make a Reservation (in a pinkish box).

Click on Make a Reservation.

Once you’ve selected Tails-A-Wagging, this will bring you to the options for reservations. Click on Daycare. This will open the option to choose your dates for reservations.

Click on your to select them as the dog you’d like to make reservations for.

Next under Reservation Dates, double click the first date you’d like to reserve.

Remember, you can only choose New Dog, FIRST DAY if we have not seen your dog in daycare yet (even if we have seen them in training before). Then select your drop-off and pick-up times. For drop off please choose 11:00 am and for pick up please choose between 3 PM and 6 PM.

For a dog’s first day, drop-off time is 11 am only, unless special arrangements have been made prior to your appt.

As you complete your profile, notices will pop up if there are any health records or paperwork that is needed, and notice that Tails will review your reservation request and you’ll need to wait for us to approve of it.

After that, click on Create Reservation. You’ll be taken to another page where you’ll need to fill out the questions listed. This is so we can update the Pet Personality Profiles and have the most up-to-date information possible. Be sure to always scroll down and click SAVE and CONTINUE at the bottom of each page.

Your reservation will now go to Pending, awaiting our approval. We will only confirm the reservation once your Paw Partner profile is complete, so double-check that your profile photo is up,  your dog’s photo is up, all health information (vaccines, pet license, negative fecal test)  If it’s your dog’s first day of daycare and you do not choose the first day of daycare (only daycare)  then your reservation will be deleted. Also, please do not create more continuing reservations for your dog until they have come for their first day. New dog can make reservations up to 2 weeks out after we have seen them for their first day

Q: What Is Daycare For Dogs?

A: Daycare at Tails-A-Wagging is the care of your dog during the day while you are away at work, running errands, day travel, or just fun for your pet. It’s for fun, play, enrichment, day training, companionship, socialization, and love.

Q: Everyone Says Tails-A-Wagging Is So Different From Other Daycares… Why?

A: it’s true, we are like no other you will find. Here’s why:

  • Veterinary Technician and lead dog trainer on staff daily
  • Certified Fear Free Professional Daycare
  • Properly trained staff are physically with dogs AT ALL TIMES
  • Day Care staff receive over 60 hours of hands-on training before being alone with dogs
  • We brush your dogs’ teeth, upon request, with organic homemade toothpaste (add-on service)
  • We can give all forms of medication to your pet (oral, topical, injectable, etc.) at no additional charge
  • Daily lunches given in Kong Puzzles
  • Organic, wheat/corn/soy-free snack every day for all dogs
  • Live web cameras, with online doggy
  • Manners Training for all dogs every day, at no additional charge
  • Temperament Test for each and every dog
  • Progress Reports and training plans for all dogs who need it, using only reward-based training
  • Full and complete pet personality profiles and behavioral evaluations for every dog
  • Collar free play for safety
  • Daily flea check to keep us flea free
  • Birthday Photo posted to social media and a special birthday bone on their special day (parties are an add-on service)
  • Free training advice and tips
  • Chew time with Nyla bones for all dogs
  • All toys, beds, chews are sanitized daily
  • Written report cards on the first day, birthdays, and per request
  • Yearly art projects (yes… your dog is the artist)
  • A daily written log of all poo output
  • Sanitized space, after hours every day, from our Full-Time janitorial staff
  • Maintained veterinary health information for all pets
  • Internal Parasite Test requirement for all attendees every 6 months
  • Eco-friendly: We won the greenest Doggie Day Care in the Pacific Northwest from Puget Sound Energy
  • Raised beds and snuggle blankets for all
  • Doggie coats on days you may have left your pups at home
  • Appropriate dog to person ratio as per the industry standard
  • 4 large playrooms with 3 different size playgroups (the Littles, the Middles, and the Bigs)
  • Daily Field Trips to our 2500 Training Room for focus and impulse control work
  • Over 10,000 sq. feet of indoor and outdoor play space
  • 100 % recycled rubber floors
  • Fan Circulation and separate playroom venting.
  • Staff trained in canine body language, extensive training in dog behavior and Fear Free techniques
  • Early morning drop off available upon request

Q: What Is The Tails-A-Wagging Evaluation And Temperament Screening Like?

A: All dogs are evaluated to the same standard. The Poodles have to be able to pass the same tests that the Golden Retrievers and the Chihuahuas do. However, as a modern, science-based dog training daycare, we understand that no dog can have their full true temperament assessed at one specific moment in time. 

Adult dogs are evaluated 3 times over their first 4 to 5 visits. Dogs less than 20 weeks old are evaluated 5 times over 7-10 visits. Your dog is evaluated on a multitude of observational tests with people, then slowly introduced to dogs one at a time. For some, this takes a few hours or others can take all day.… it depends on the dog. We have enough staff and space to take as much time as the dog needs. Dogs are then evaluated by more than one staff member on the following: manners, basic skills (sit, settle, come and wait) crate nap, greeting people, greeting other dogs, play style, leash manners, taking treats with a soft mouth, body language (both giving and receiving)

Plan to leave your dog at daycare for a full day on their first day (7 am to at least 3 pm). We want to take as much time as your dog needs to feel comfortable. Safety is our number one concern and introductions are always be done slowly under a watchful, trained eye.

Q: What If My Dog Gets A Bad Evaluation?

A: If your dog is friendly to other dogs and people, but lacks in manners or another skill, we will set your dog up on a plan to achieve the goals needed for attending daycare.

This is usually a home training plan for you to work and follow. If you agree to follow the plan and we see progress in your dog’s abilities (with continued progress reports) they are welcome to continue coming to daycare, during that training plan.

Q: I Have A Puppy. We Are Working On His Manners But I Am Not Sure He Could Pass Everything On Your Evaluation Due To His Age. Can We Come To Daycare?

A: Yes. Again, we do not expect any dog to be perfect, but we do want us all to be working towards the same goals of a well-mannered pup.

The best thing to do is to set up an evaluation, we can then let you know all the things your pup did well on and if there was anything for you and your dog to be working on, and a plan on how to achieve that.

Q: I Heard It’s Hard To Get A Dog Into Daycare At Tails-A-Wagging… And That Dogs Get Kicked Out A Lot. True?

A: We certainly would be what you would call a high refusal daycare… this means not all dogs who apply get into Tails. But that is how it should be for a facility like ours. Daycare is not for every dog, and we do have a standard that all dogs must be able to abide by.

In a nutshell… (here comes the tooting of our own horn…) we are the best, and if you want the best, you have to be the best. That being said, we welcome all dogs at all training levels. We don’t expect your dog to be perfect, we just want us all to be working toward the same goal.

However, dogs don’t get kicked out without the owner knowing exactly what is expected of the dog and what they could do to continue daycare with us.

Q: Rumor Has It You Are Full Anyway… What To Do?


We often have a waitlist in the winter months, so we might be booked out a bit in advance for NEW DOG reservations, but in spring and summer, we often have more availability.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to like us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as we post daycare availability there!

Q: Are There Certain Breeds Of Dogs You Do Not Accept?

A: NO… as educated canine trainers we know there is no such thing as an “aggressive breed”.

People who think this are simply uneducated about dogs. All dogs were bred for a purpose from Rottweilers (bred to herd and guard other animals) to Chihuahuas (bred to be a companion) to Newfoundland’s (bred for water rescue). Dogs who were bred for a particular purpose (like guarding or herding) have certainly been TRAINED to do other things. (Example: Pit Bulls and fighting) Why were they trained to fight? Because they were originally trained as a guard-farm dog and this makes them 1) Loyal 2) Tenacious 3) Pain tolerant etc…Also, for the same reason, they are GREAT for a family! Now, are some certain dogs (remember not breeds, but individual dogs) aggressive? Of course…these individual dogs can not come to daycare. But these are dogs who were not socialized properly, did not learn bite inhibition as a puppy, etc.

Any individual who tells you (and this goes for other daycares, trainers, groomers,s, etc) they don’t allow “aggressive breeds” are simply uneducated people who follow the stereotype of a bad dog. This should be a HUGE red flag to you, they think they are preventing problems by simply denying daycare for “bad breeds”. I honestly believe they are setting themselves up for a huge problem. It tells me they have no idea how to properly screen a dog, and this could result in a huge problem.

Q: What Is Required Of My Dog?

A: Dogs must not be aggressive towards other dogs or people.

Dogs cannot be possessive over food and toys. Dogs must be current on all required vaccinations (DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies) Adult dogs (over 8 1/2 months of age) must be spayed or neutered, and all dogs must be free from internal and external parasites, as well as be on a flea preventative (holistic treatment is accepted). A recent fecal test, within the last 6 months is required. All dogs need to be licensed as required by their city Whatcom County Pet License

Since each dog is screened individually, no breed is automatically eliminated. There are, however, medical reasons your dog may not be allowed into daycare. Blindness and seizure type disorders are two medical conditions that may not be allowed in daycare, although we encourage you to contact us to discuss your dogs’ condition.

We prefer dogs to enter Tails on a harness, (rather than by collar) for safety reasons, although they do not wear the harness or collar while in the playgroup. Some dogs may wear a harness (never a collar) in a playgroup if we are practicing recall manners with that dog from a short distance. We play collar-free for safety!

Q: Why Don’t You Accept Breeder Administered Or Owner Administered Vaccines?

A: Your dog’s health is our number one concern.

Before we see a dog for daycare, classes, or socialization classes we have to have written proof they have seen the veterinarian, are in good health, and received their vaccines by a licensed veterinary hospital or licensed animal rescue organization. If the vaccines were administered by a non-professional we have no way of knowing: 1) If the vaccine was administered properly 2) If the vaccine was cared for properly prior to administration. One can purchase vaccines at a feed store and for all we know that vaccine sat on a pet food pallet for 4 hours, making it no longer viable. If your dog received their last vaccines via you or a breeder, we will have to wait until they see the vet and receive their next set by the veterinarian before we can see them for class or daycare.
We do accept titer testing for vaccine immunity.

Q: What Do The Dogs Do All Day?

A: Tails is not like any daycare you have ever known before.

For the dogs at our daycare, their day is very structured. Dogs are dropped off between 7 and 10 am. We break off into groups in the early morning (at 7:30 am), and do free play for a few hours, usually with minimal toys so the dogs can meet and greet. Each playgroup has their own indoor playroom and own yard. The dogs rotate in and out all day long. Typically that is 1 hr inside and 20 minutes outside. All dogs get a rest time during the day. Our rest time is in a crate with a soft bed and a treat like a stuffed Kong. If a dog has a mid-day meal, we can use this to stuff their Kong at rest time. Any dogs who need medication can be given it as needed throughout the day. Our goal at Tails, is to work your dog’s body AND mind. We want them tired out at the end of the day from playing, socializing, and experiencing many new things. Interactive games, enrichment, puzzles, storytime, grooming time, clicker training time- are just some of our activities. We are constantly working on good behaviors thru only reward-based training…since the dogs are NEVER left alone by themselves, someone is always working with them. Sitting and waiting at every door to learning new tricks, we provide it all for your dog! (and at no additional charge) The bulk of the day is spent clicker training, chewing, interactive games, pool time, teeth brushing (yes, every dog gets their teeth brushed every day), petting, loving, and group wrestling games. Most dogs then get picked starting around 3 and all by 6 pm.

Q: Can I Come And See The Facility?

A: YES! You are welcome anytime.

We are open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. Early morning and late afternoon times are very busy because dogs bring dropped off or picked up, so we may have more time to give you a more complete tour during the midday. The ideal time to stop by is 10 am to 3 pm, but you are welcome anytime. We have over 10,000 sq. feet of indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs. Beds for the dogs to sleep on, rubber floors inside for cushion, tons of durable toys suited for tough play, and dogs have access to water at all times. You can come down to meet our staff. All of our daycare attendants are trained in animal behavior and certified in pet CPR and first aid. No time to come down today? Go to our live video webcams and watch the dogs right now!  You can also go to our Facility page and see a video tour.

Q: Is Tails A “Green” Business?

A: YES! All of our indoor flooring is rubber…made from 100% recycled tires.

We use biodegradable cleaners whenever possible (our daily sanitation product is specifically formulated to prevent canine disease) All wall paint is low VOC. We are part of the Towards Zero Waste Program with Sustainable Connections., and even won an award from PSE for being the greenest daycare around! We generate 80% less waste than other Daycare’s. We recycle all paper, cardboard, cans, glass, food/compostable items, formed, and film plastic. We use biodegradable poo pick-up bags at our potty stations. We reduce our waste by purchasing products in which the packaging can be recycled. We use our Food Plus Bin for all compostable waste. We have on-site compost and worm bins, for use in our landscape. We use washable hand towels instead of paper towels. Dog waste is our primary waste product that goes into the trash/landfill. We buy and serve only vegan dog food and treats. (yup…we’re vegan too!)

Q: What About Fleas?

A: All dogs who come to Daycare are required to either be on a flea preventative medication or holistic and will be check for fleas every time they come.

If fleas are found on your pet, they will be sent home. Our facility is specifically set up to not inhabit fleas as our outdoor yard and rubber floor are cleaned and sanitized daily.

Q: The Outdoor Yard Is Asphalt, Isn’t That Hard On Their Paws?

A: We have two outdoor yards. One for large dogs and one for small and medium dogs.

The substrate is asphalt although this is hard ground it is actually a recommended ground for outdoor yards in Doggie Daycare because it can be cleaned and sanitized. Our dog yards are cleaned and sanitized every day. Grass would not only turn to mud and be impossible to clean if internal or external parasites were brought in. The outdoor yard is fully fenced with 6-foot chain-link fence that is secured to steel poles embedded into the asphalt ground. Our indoor play area is covered with wall-to-wall rubber mats for cushion. In front of our building, we have a faux grass yard for potty time before coming inside and have the same faux grass pads in our yard.

Q: Bathroom Facilities?

A: The dogs are taken out to the yard every 60 minutes for potty time.

Every time a dog goes potty outside we reward them by marking the behavior with a “click” then a treat. Solid waste is picked up immediately and liquid waste is pumped via a drain back into the building to the sewer.

Q: How Many Dogs Come To Daycare?

A: At Tails, we currently average 76  dogs per day.

The maximum capacity is about 36 large dogs, 18 medium-sized dogs, and 22 small dogs. Some dogs come every day, some 2 to 3 days per week, some maybe just once a month, and others maybe twice a year. It all depends on your needs, however, we are by reservation only.

Q: What About Big Dogs And Small Dogs Together?

A: Many small dogs may think they are a big dog, but any daycare should have separate rooms for both small and big dogs as they need to be separated for different play games.

We have four large playrooms. Two for large dogs, one for medium, and one for small dogs. We will, on occasion, have a medium to large size calm older dog in with the little dogs to help them have a positive association with bigger dogs.

Q: Do The Dogs Fight?

A: Let’s talk about fighting in dogs…it is inevitable that if you get a group of dogs playing in a room together someone may get a scratch to small “owie” now and then.

Dogs often come to daycare because they have high energy and play rough, therefore they seek out other rough players. But no daycare should have a continuation of full-blown fights. If they do it means dogs are not screened properly. Play nips that may have resulted in a wound can occur, you must know this going in. DOGS PLAY HARD…this is the nature of dogs. Big Teeth and big nails. But know this, every daycare… no matter how great, has had a dog fight before…don’t let anyone kid you. But with properly screened dogs, who are playful but well-mannered and that care for by staff that have the opportunity to work WITH the dogs, not simply run around and manage them all day are not in situations likely to fight.

Q: What Type Of Toys Dog You Use?

A: Dogs love toys! We use more indestructible types of toys:

Kong’s, Nylabones, Natural Rubber toys, Cotton Tugs…Many daycare centers do not allow any toys in their facility, of any kind. Why? Because they allow dogs who are possessive around toys, so to prevent fights they simply do not allow toys at all. At TAW, we have a different approach. Why punish many for the behavior of a few. We simply do not allow dogs who have any possessive behaviors around food or toys to come to daycare. However, we never have any plushy toys, tennis balls, or food-related toys, due to their destructible qualities.

Q: My Dog Is Shy Around Other Dogs, Is Daycare Right For Us?

A: Maybe. Daycare is for already social dogs to have fun.

If your dog is shy but completely appropriate in their behavior and canine communication skills, we may be able to assist them in learning how to play more.

If your dog is shy and acts inappropriate to other dogs (poor dog body language, reactive at other dogs, etc)… then no, daycare is not the place for you. We encourage you to first come down for a tour. See the facility, see how safe the dogs are and how much fun they are having. Many dogs come to daycare for many different reasons. Some come because they are an only dog and want fun and exercise. Some come for the socialization and ability to “be a dog”, and some have separation anxiety and need to be around people and other dogs. Because we have different areas of the daycare, we can help your dog socialize with other dogs their own size and temperament. We have had many dogs who have been timid before coming to daycare who are now confident, socialized dogs who are more confident of themselves in group situations.

Q: What Kind Of Training Do You Have?

A: We have over 29 years of experience in professional pet care.

Owner Angela Lenz is a licensed Animal Health Technician in Washington State, as well as a dog trainer since 1989. We have received accreditation with the American Boarding Kennel Association in accordance with Doggie Daycare and are certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluators and members of the Association of Pet Dog Training. All lead staff are certified in pet CPR and first aid as well as extensive behavioral training using only reward-based methods.

Q: What Is The Refund Policy For A Daycare Package?

A: Pre Paid packages are not subject to a refund. 

New dogs, those who have not yet passed their evaluations are “pay as you go” . We strongly suggest you do not buy your dog a package until they have passed their evaluations and get their “wings”. DAYCARE PACKAGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  For refunds on our training, please check the FAQ training page.

Q: What Is Your COVID-19 Policy? Updated 10/312022


Washington States emergency order has been lifted as of 10/31/2022.  Face masks are optional inside our building. 

We are happy to share that all Tails-A-Wagging staff are vaccinated against COVID, including booster vaccine and the Bivalent booster, made available in Fall 2022.