Hello! My name is...

Listed Alphabetically

annie s

I love belly rubs. I know most dogs like belly rubs but I LOVE belly rubs. One of the Tails staff always stop and gives me a belly rub before they take me back into the group and I think she might be my favorite because of that.

ava a

what cha doin? can I do it too? I’m a good girl, who loves everyone I meet and always happy to do what is asked of me. My BFF’s are Jersey, Otto, Della, Greta and Casey. My favorite games is pounce on my head while I am in the pool. I enjoy wrestling, sitting for treats and trying to fly. You did not know pups could fly? Well, I might just be the first.

bella q

People are cool and all but I’m really just in it for the snacks. They call me a “hoover” but as far as I know I don’t have any horse feet, but honestly for a cookie you can call me whatever you want.

biscuit w

Hey! Check me out. I’m Biscuit! I have been a Tails dog for as long as I can remember, starting in Puppy Pre School when I was still at the animal shelter. I am a one smart tom-boy kinda girl. I am ruff and tumble and can keep up with everyone. My best buddies are Carlo W, Dobby, Hannah W, Kobe H and Strudel. We are one cool Wednesday posse’ I like jumping on the tires and playing keep away games with my friends. Training time is also my favorite, I like to trick the staff and tell them it’s really snuggle time.

buffy the vampire slayer

Hey…check me out. I’m Buffy the Vampire Slayer! yep..that’s me. I am a happy girl who enjoys running with my buddies and playing fetch with all the toys here! Staff says I am really smart and I love training time! The clicker is fun. My best friends are Lucy M, Barney, Alice W and Smudge, we all like running up and down the room together! September, 2010 Pet of the Month.

callie d

I am one of those perfect little dogs (or so the staff says) that plays and plays and pretty much always does what is asked of me. I am really good with whom ever I meet but end up seeking out soft players like me. I love Mairi, Bizzy, Cookie and Scooter. We all wrestle in a big heap rolling all over the floor!

chai m

If you look away for too long I will happily jump up and get into your treat pouch. I’m very well trained but when it comes to cookies.I can’t help myself. I really like to test the new staff to see just how many cookies I can get from them without them noticing.

chiclet a

My name is Chiclet because I look like a Chiclet. As you can tell I’m one tiny Chi with a whole lot of personality. My favorite thing at daycare is all the warm cozy blankets and my least favorite is the cold outside ground. A nice lap is nice too, especially if I share it with my sister Chloe.

chloe a

Hi um my name is Chloe and um I’m a little shy when it comes to public speaking. I prefer um barking at weird things over talking to weird things…. Anyways um Im real cute so….bye : )

chloe m

It’s funny, the staff call’s me a flutter-by… I am one of those silly puppies with lots on my mind- too much to stop too long at any one thing. I play with my buddies then.. zoom… off to chasing them, then…zoom… off to playing keep away games and so my day goes and goes. I am super cuddly and enjoy learning new things, I am super smart. My best buddies are Maggie L, Ernie Mae, Daisy L and Ricky.

chloe n

I am one silly dog! When I first found Tails-A-Wagging I was a bit shy… not sure what to do , but now I am the life of the party. I really love playing with other dogs and love my Tails time. My best friends are Dirk, Sachi, Maggie L and Filbert. We are all really good friends. Also, I like in the afternoon, when it starts to slow down, I can crawl into the staff’s laps for rubs and pats.

cooper he

I am the epitome of a lab. I am a big goofy dork and I play like I am a puppy and would be happy to do so everyday!!!

darcy h

checkers anyone? LOL, just kidding, but I am one smart cookie. I enjoy dancing, running, chasing, rolling around, kissing boys, clicker training, pool time, talking during class, playing bitey face and wondering what it would be like if day care had sheep. My BFF is Gotham, but I like playing with the puppy group- they are so dorky and fall for all my tricks.

dobby m

Who’s barking!? WHO’S BARKING!? Oh wait….that’s me. I’m just a tiny boy with a big voice who’s maybe just a little tooooo good at his job.

dobby S

I am one of those super sweet pitties that will steal your heart. I am goofy, silly and full of love. I enjoy day care so much I sing about it all the way here. I am everyone’s best friend and am the life of the party. I really like training time, as learning new tricks is super fun. My best buddies are Kahru K, Baker H, Chaz B and Gert the Squirt (she’s my girlfriend)

drake b

Have you ever had one of those friends that no matter what you are doing you KNOW you will have a good time if they are there? Well… I think that’s me! I have too many friends to count, I love everyone and show it with big kisses. I adore puppies and take it upon myself to teach them how to play well. Angi says I should be the pitbull poster dog- since I am so outgoing I can tell everyone that pits are the coolest dogs ever! My best buddies are Mowgi A, Chaz, Cara-Mia, Maddie and Shakel.

fergus w

this day care thing is amazing. How did I not know about it before? you get to run, play, chase and chew on your friends EVERYDAY? Then people kiss and snuggle you and rub your belly while they give you cookies? At first I thought it was too good to be true, but I spoke with all the other puppies and they set my straight. Tails says I have a knack for getting shy dogs to play, but I think of it as just paying it forward.

fiona m

Let me introduce myself… I am Princess Fiona! Sure, I might be a touch shy when we first meet but you and I can chat a bit about how beautiful I am, maybe exchange a cookie or two then we will be fast friends! At day care I can be pretty silly, lots of running and chasing for me. I adore my sissy Chloe M and are besties with Maggie L, Pablo, Bubba and Daisy. I think its super fun to learn new tricks!

freddie c

Freddie is the kind of girl you want to be with you during a bank heist. She’s fast, brave, and one smart cookie!

freya n

You might have seen my sister on here, Abby. Did she mention the mud? We LOVE rolling around in the mud. We also love the super yummy snacks our mama makes us and the warm hats she knits for us.

ginger l

Hi everyone! My name is Ginger. Sometime the staff at TAW calls me Ginny-Bug, Gin-Bop or Ginger Bear. I really like coming to day care, I have a ton of friends and think I am the wrestling champion of the littles! My best buddies are Indy G, Pablo M, Maggie L and Daisy L. I have a crush on Audi, but don’t tell, ok? He is in the cool pups club and I hope to someday be a member.

gotham a

look at my lips. now make a smoochy face at me…that is what my Tails humans do all day. SO MANY kisses I get on my big lips! I am a fun guy, happy to play with everyone. Love my peeps Darcy, Leto, Jack H, Moksha and Otto. Did you know my brother comes to day care too? same mamma, same pappa, but I am a year older. When I first met him at day care I thought he was a dork, but now I love him and get smoochy face together.

gunner h

Has there ever been a more confident chihuahua? Gunner knows he’s cool and wants to be everyone’s best friend. He’s not afraid to wrestle with his big siblings Otto and Jersey!

gus c

I am Gus. I like naps, belly pats, and whipping you with my tail (especially on very cold days). As you can see from my photo I will definitely tell you when I haven’t slept enough. But don’t be fooled by that face, I am secretly the biggest snuggler baby.

hannah w

Can you say silly dog? I am a lover thru and thru… I am everyone best friend. I can wrestle all day long and still have more to spare. I like to talk a bit, but nothing too wild. I have too many buddies to list them all but Porter, Aly G and Monk are some besties! This photo is me and my favorite cat! RIO!

harlund f

Harry boi Harlund is part poodle, part pittie, and 100% adorable. He’s a little afraid of strangers but once you’ve proven yourself worthy, you may offer him belly rubs.

huxley m

When I come to daycare I love to spin and dance to show everyone how happy I am. I am the sweetest and love everyone and everything. I also am great at office work, check me out in the bosses chair!

jenny l

Aussie mix Jenny is such a happy go lucky girl! She’s always smiling and wiggling because every day is just the best day ever. She is a the-treat-jar-is-always-half-full kind of girl.

juneau v

Sometimes I think I should have been born in the 70’s. I would have been one of those free-living flower gals for sure. Oh man, a flower crown would look so good on me!

kailey r

Wanna doodle? me too! I am a silly, goofy roll around the floor kind of girl. The boys think they are a match for me, but I can run circles around them and be talking about it the whole time! My best buddies are anyone with curley fur like me, but if you are dorky enough we can be friends.

kara hw

Ball! Ball! Ball! My FAVORITE thing is a good bouncy ball. I also love playing mama to all the young pups here at daycare, I like to show them there’s nothing to be afraid of and that it’s all fun and games in the littles room.

lacy r

I’m actually not a dog I’m a dancer. If you’d like I will spin over and over and over..and never stop just because it’s so fun. I also love to sing too, want to hear my voice?

madeline m

Ok… let’s get this over with, I have A LOT to do. My name is Madeline, better known to my friends as Dirty Baby Brown! I am an ADORABLE smarty pants who is the life of the party. When my mom’s adopted me rom Furbaby Rescue, I melted their heart. I mean, let’s be honest here…. Could you resist this face? Sure, I can be a handful… but like I always say “you can’t love me in slices” At Tails I have tons of friends, but I guess if I had to say who my Bff’s were (besides my sissies Fiona and Chloe) it would be Dirk B, Max F, Daisy L, Shandy T, and Ashe S. Are we done now? I gotta chew on some dogs head.

mango s

Hi! Nice to meet you…even though I had a rough start in life, I ended up right where I belong. I have a super loving family who thinks I am AMAZING, and who I am I to tell them any different. I like being silly, playing games and hanging out with my peeps.

meg l

A quiet lady,  but raring to go if her besties are there.  Her BFF is Daisy L,  but Skippy and Jilly are close seconds.  Always up for chew hour and story time, her heart is as big as her ears. (Angela’s dog)

molly a

Everyone tells me I remind them of Regina from Mean Girls. I keep the daycare in line and make sure everyone knows their place. I’m stylish and always smell nice so I’m clearly a natural born leader.

morocco mole

Hello, I’m tiny Morocco Mole. I am small, but mighty But I will admit I do not get much exercise here…you see, as you probably noticed I am too cute and the staff just loves to carry me around. But when my feet finally do hit the floor, I am usually found wrestling with all the wee chi my size or relaxing in a big patch of sun

oliver sunshine he

I think my parents gave me my name out of irony. I am a happy boy but I’m quite the recluse. Dogs are merely ok. My new sister is ok. Humans are better than ok if they are petting me. Otherwise I like to be alone and sleeping outside where it’s cool. No you may not pet me, but I appreciate you asking first.

oliver w

I am the schnauzer-iest schnauzer there ever was. I like to demand attention, food, and naps and there’s no way you can train it out of me. I do think it’s entertaining to see you try though.

penny p

Staff all agree – Penny is lovely! Full of happy-go-lucky energy and loves to be around her dog friends and daycare staff. She’s a joy to have at daycare!

scotch e

Don’t let me photo fool you… i am a wild man. super silly and alasy looking for fun, me and my BFF Otto can always find some trouble to get into. But, you know what I really like? You see, I have a crush on one particual lady dog, her name in Reina. I like it when she bosses me around, so i bring her gifts a lot- like toys and chews and they she makes sure I know she is the boss of me. I love it!

winston potroast s

We still haven’t decided if this is a real dog or just a really intelligent potato. Either way it’s cute. (Employee Dog)

yakone p

I think I’m more of a hooman than a dog. I like to sit on my back two legs, I like hugging, I like dancing, and I looooove talking. I know the other humans can understand me even if they don’t act like they don’t.

ziggy b

Ziggy B, Ziggsbee, ZigglesBee, Zig-a-ma-jig, Zig-Zig, Zig-a-rooni. Whatever you want to call Ziggy, this feisty schnoodle will come running!