Daycare at aTails
Single daily rate:


5 visit package: ($26.00/day ) 130.00
10 visit package: ( $25.00/day) 250.00
15 visit package: ( $24.00/day) 360.00
Full Time package: ( $22.00/day 5 days per week) 440.00

Multiple dog discount:

10% off given to dogs living in the same household, when they attend on the same day.
All fees are per dog and due in advance
Rates can vary from a single visit to full time
No refunds given to pre-paid packages
Full-Time (M-F) (22.00 each day) $ approx. $440.00
Full Time package must be used within 30 day period
All other packages must be used within 6 months
Initial Interview/screening: $ 28.00 ( non refundable )