These dogs are missed.

Listed Chronologically


We first met Winston as one of our foster puppies.  He and his entire litter would come to Tails every day and hang out in the lobby for love, pets, and treat.  Winston was adopted and continued to come to daycare. This shy boy grew to have so many friends- both two and four-legged.  He was a funny, silly clown that enjoyed his two families, his real-at-home family and his from a baby Tails family. You will live on in our hearts


Oh Howie, how we all loved you so. Such a short life, but one filled with such joy and happiness. Howie started daycare with us as a wee boy, and grew up to be quite a dog.  Always loved to play on the tires, get scritches, pool time, and do just about anything he could think of to avoid nap time.  Taken from us all too soon. We don’t cry because it’s over,  we smile because you happened.

Cooper E

We said a forever goodbye to our sweet, chatty boy, Cooper. Such a love bug and so athletics, Cooper would enjoy showing off his tricks of his high jump to whoever would play. We will miss you forever, sweet Coop.

Yakone P

With a heavy heart, we mourn the loss of a great dog. Yakone lived a life of frolic and fun. She lost her life tragically in a car crash along with her mama in 2021. We all loved her with our whole hearts and we are better to have known her. Forever in our hearts.

Ginger L

We said goodbye to our sweet baby girl, Ginger. She made us smile, laugh, and protect our pockets from that beagle nose. Ginger was so smart and kept us on our toes. She always welcomed every new dog and enjoyed showing them how things worked around here. She was able to come in for one last hug, one last kiss, and a mound of treats and we are all grateful for the chance to say goodbye.
We love you forever Ginger Bear.

Callie D

Our sweet, dear Callie D. She was always so eager for love, like a little sponge she would soak up our cuddles. She was a mamma to the other dogs as she got older, and we all appreciated her help in the play rooms. She was a joy to care for as a dream dog to all.
We love you Callie Cat, you will be missed.

Morocco Mole

Morocco Mole was the star of the show here at Tails. We often wonder how he didn’t end up on the big screen with his many features around Whatcom county, him and his siblings were born to be big shots. Mole aka the Molenator was a sassy little boy that always spoke his truth and had a fiery passion just like his mama. He schooled the puppies, loved to leap and bound around the parks, and always had his little tongue out. He also was the best at taking care of the many foster animals the were brought into his home. It didn’t matter to him if he was allergic to those little kittens, he wanted to love them as his own anyways. Morocco Mole might have just been a tiny bean but he will always hold a huge space in our hearts. Rest in peace little dude.


We loved Bailey the moment her long legs first stepped into Tails. She was so sweet and gentle with the staff. There was no question, Bailey loved nothing more than snuggles with people. Bailey was full of happiness and would melt our hearts with her adorable sideways walk when she was excited to greet us. Bailey left us far too soon and we are so saddened that we did not have more time with her. We will cherish the memories we have with her. Lots of love and snuggles to you Bailey.


Tails was so fortunate to have worked with Ella from the moment she was brought into the care of Misunderstood Mutts Rescue. We partnered with her foster mom to help socialize this big-eared, nervous pup. Starting out with having her sit in the lobby to meet clients and receive treats. She grew to love staff and be such a far more confident and outgoing dog. Ella was adopted and got to stay part of the Tails family. We could not have asked more perfect parents for Ella! Ella truly flourished into one of our most reliably perfect dogs. We lost her far too soon. We are so grateful for the time we had with her. Thank you Ella for being such a big part of our lives.


This lady was a natural born model. Whenever she got dressed up for her birthday photos she would pose as if she knew exactly where her good side was. She loved spending time keeping the puppies into order and wistfully following the staff in hopes of a few extra snackies. We are going to miss Sascha’s goofiness so much.


Abby N was the best momma dog to all of our puppies. She was always available to help run the school yard with her sister Freya and we were always so thankful for her assistance. We are going to miss dear Abby so much. Abby started out as a crazy lady who had a habit of making our jaws drop from her wackiness but later became one of the best dogs you could ever hope for. It brought us so much joy seeing her frolic around with Freya and we are going to miss her so much. We love you Abby.


Rusty P was as spunky as they come! There was never a day in his life where he didn’t throw a little ‘tude into his day and we loved him for it. His absolute favorite here at daycare was starting howling circles with his favorite poodle friend. Rusty was a good pup and so loved here at daycare. We will miss him dearly and hope he is resting peacefully. We love you Rusty boy!


Our dear sweet Chauncey boy first came to us as the most naughty puppy and for the next eight years brought us more joy than we could’ve ever imagined. He became an outstanding pup with a huge personality. There’s not one staff member here that he failed to make an impression on. Chauncey was the master frisbee catcher and secret food snatcher. We’re going to miss our goofy poodle dearly.


Hilde was  such a big part of the Tails family. A teeny little girl with a huge personality, no one could resist her charms. Hilde had hydrocephalus but she never let that stop her from being a sassy and reliable dog mom to the young pups in the room. She was our tiny sheriff. Hilde loved to be carried and fall asleep in the staff arms. We love you forever Hildegard!


Tanith was practically a celebrity here at Tails-A-Wagging. This sweet-natured girl had been part of the Tails family since 2008 and we just still can’t believe how lucky we are to have know her almost her entire life. In her youth, she was a high spirited goof ball, who taught her younger sister to bark and loved to be in on all the action. In her golden years, Tanith was an easy going, calming spirit who helped puppies learn to nap and relax. She became a staple of the front desk, enjoying having staff and clients both praise and give her extra snacks. Tanith made difficult days easier and a good day into a perfect day. You could often catch staff snuggling on the floor with her on the breaks, giving her massages and dressing her up. At almost 17 years old, Tanith passed away in the care of her loving family. We are just so grateful to have been part of her life and we miss her so much.


There’s no way to sum up Rosie in just a few words. Our girl was a spitfire, full of sass and the queen of training puppies. She sashayed into daycare each day, head held high, because she knew she had a job to do here and was darn proud of it. Sheriff Rosie raised dozens and dozens of puppies into the wonderful adults they are today. Rosie was such a unique dog, truly one of a kind, and we are just so glad we got to be part of her life. The perfect balance of playful and peaceful, Rosie was so loved and forever a Tails dog.


We had the wonderful opportunity of getting to know Sukha since he was just a little 3 month old pup. He was such an incredibly smart boy, and had such a sweet disposition that just made everyone smile. He was the ideal dog to go into therapy dog work, and he flourished with Lynn as his handler. Sukha and Lynn had brought joy into so many peoples lives and we will miss both greatly.


Rocky, aka Rocky Thundertail Scruncyface Zoobreath was the goofiest, sweetest golden retriever. Known for instantly becoming a puppy every time he played ball, he was the perfect balance of silly and mature. We miss you buddy.

maggie r

Our sweet queen, gone too young. She was always on the straight and narrow, keeping us all in line. Maggie believed in order,right angles, belly rubs and running way too fast for her own good.

Lazer J

Angi with Lazer March 2013

Our beloved Lazer passed away and our hearts have broken. This gentle giant was a staple of good will, love and compassion for all dogs. If you happen to be a Labradoodle you got a little extra love from Lazer. He was kind and sweet to every dog he met, so tolerant of every puppy, even the wacky ones. Forever in our hearts, our sweet boy.


Kaiser was the king of German Shepherd Tuesdays. You couldn’t ask for a more mellow, sweet-tempered German Shepherd. He enjoyed long snuggle sessions, climbing the tires, and stepping on his little brother Kumo. You always knew how much he loved his parents, because he would sing to them every time they came to pick him. Our favorite three-toed boy, we love and miss you buddy.


Rudy was, well… a funny boy. He just made you laugh. You could not have him in your play group and not smile all day. Sweet nature, but always up for a good chase and wrestle this young boy will be missed by all 2 and 4 legged Tails family. He loved welcoming other “talkers” but made friends with all. Will miss kissing on his mutton chops.


Such a sweet and mellow guy. Happy to do anything asked of him. Roscoe got along well with everyone and thought we were all super cool. Although not a big player in the group, his loved to socialize with everyone. WE miss you sweet boy.


Brady boy will forever be remembered as everyone’s friend. Sure, if he saw you on a leash he might have to put you in check 🙂 but he truly adored everyone. He was perfect as a manager of the group, making sure everyone knew when to play, when to nap, when to have chew time and he would tell you loud and clear so there was no question. Although as he got older his coat got shorter, when his coat was long he would poof it out before laying down, to show it off. He loved dancing, singing, snuggling and nuzzling. Brady boy, we love and miss you.


Kumo, one of our original Bichon Thursday group will be remembered as a rootin’ tootin’ all around fun guy. Lots of friends and buddies and happy to play any game you asked, as long as there was sufficient snuggle in between. He loved being told how handsome he was, you could look into his eyes and just talk and talk, he knew.KUmo was always one to make you laugh, love you forever buddy


Duffy, Duff Man, Duff Dog. Also known as our gentleman dork. We all loved Duffy and he loved us. Getting him into the group was all he wanted to do. Ball, a little tug, wrestle then kiss on the Chihuahuas. He was a true lover. Duffy was smart, he could open drawer and had done so not for himself but to distribute treats to his friends before taking one for himself (yes, we have it on camera too) Mr Puff, you will always be remembered in our hearts


a mamma dog through and through. No better way to say it. She took all the puppies under her wing and showed them, taught them how to play and be respectful lil puppers. Staff would fuss over who got to have her in their group each day, as she was like having a gentle assistant who loved, played, chased and wrestled but know boundaries like no other dog. We see dogs like Ebony from time to time, they are a rare gem and we are richer to have known her.

Georgia G

It is with heavy hearts we say goodbye to a beloved Tails dog, Georgia. Georgia was the definition of a good dog – always sweet, a charming personality, and easy-going nature. Tails-A-Wagging has the privilege of caring for Georgia for many wonderful years. She dazzled all the staff and clients with her uniquely soulful eyes. We are so thankful that we got to share Georgia with her family. We love and miss you Georgia.


Soupy Sails

With great sadness we must share the passing of our beloved Soupy Sails. It’s been a week since he passed but I have just now been able to put it into words. You see Soupy was my dog Percy’s best friend. We have been lucky enough to have been caring for Soupy for many years. He was a true joy and brought us nothing but complete love and smiles every week. When my Percy came to the end of his life this year, one of the only things that could perk him up after a chemotherapy treatment was seeing Soupy. Soupy could get him to play again, eat again and run around again. We love you Soupy, for all you did for Tails, the dogs and for me.


Carlo W

We said good bye to one of our dear friends, sweet Carlo. we have been caring for him since 2008 and have enjoyed every minute we have had with him. His bounce, his drool, his magic skill to catch treats, his ability to get just about any dog to play and chase was uncanny. We will forever love you, Droolius Caesar. Forever in our hearts. Cancer is a bitch.


Cara mia

Cara-Mia was the mother bear to all the puppies at TAW. She helped them learn their manners and was such a love bug. Playing ball and tug-of-war were favorite pass-times, as well as spending time in her igloo. She is missed every day. One of the sweetest dogs you would ever meet. She and Angi had an annual April fools joke (Angi would how her a “cat” of some kind, stuffy/plushy, cardboard) ext, each year it got funnier and funnier, she knew to expect it, even when the final one was a full walking, meowing, robotic cat. She looked at me and laughed, then whopped the cat with her paw