Read what dogs (and people) are saying about tails…

They are the best! During our Bellingham years our 145 lb Newfie mix was a regular. They taught him how to be a gentleman big dog. They employed him as a patient temperament tester for rambunctious newbies. When he grew old and a little less patient they let him be a front office dog and greeter. He had a wonderful social life in large part to Tails-a-Wagging. We will always be grateful and they hold a special place in our heart.

Michelle and Kevin Waltz

I attended another wonderful lecture of [Angi’s] last night – The barking lecture at Whatcom Humane Society. I want to thank you for the information. I also attended your other lectures recently at [Tails-A-Wagging]. Lauren also did a home visit and we attended puppy kindergarten. And you may remember Kurt, my 6 month 5 pound chihuahua mix from puppy preschool. The information I have received from you and your staff has been fantastic and I’m sure it’s why Kurt is so well adjusted and happy. Thank you! – Amy Bruce

I’ve taken two classes with Tails A Wagging and I will definitely be coming back for more. They worked wonders with my leash aggressive cockapoo and my deaf cockapoo, who took the Managing the Growlies and Ruff Around the Edges classes respectively. The trainers really know how to work with dogs and their humans and the methods used in the Growlies class allow me to walk my dog in peace. They use all positive reinforcement and I am much closer to my dogs than before. My dogs also love class.

The staff are amazing at Tails, and they really care about the dogs. I completely trust them. Thank you Tails-A-Wagging!!
Chris E

A picture speaks a thousand words. Tails is Scotch’s favorite & has helped him transition from crazy rescue puppy to respectful adult (still sometimes crazy) dog. 🐶😊 The positive reinforcement training is exactly what Scotch needs & they have a truly incredible crew.
Jessie E

TAW is by far one of the absolute best places and experiences for your dog. Gizmo went to daycare for over a decade and it helped him so much. Daycare at TAW was one of his favorite things in the whole world. We just adopted a Chihuahua puppy and not only is puppy preschool free but they offer so many wonderful resources for ensuring your dog will be socialized and well trained. I trust Angi and her staff more than anyone else with my beloved pets. I can not thank Angi enough for all the support over the years and for introducing me to not one but two amazing dogs. Her continued community efforts and dedication are an inspiration. Thank you TAW!! Jadey and Toph

The sweet valentine that Kristin left for Lily especially tugged at my heart strings when I picked the kids up from day care yesterday. It’s because of you that dogs like Lily are alive at all; you not only saved her life but you changed her life for the much better! And dogs like my Lily keep some of “us” alive too….
And our Cody?? Not sure we would’ve known what to do with him when we adopted him from WHS if you hadn’t been there to help us. So much energy, no training whatsoever, Cody jumped on top of our kitchen counters on all four the first day we had him. Now he’s a wonderful beautiful boy who is so smart!

Love from all of us,
Julie, Chuck, Cody & Lily

Our first class was great! We are enjoying it a lot and so is Toph! We really appreciated the play time being separated so Toph and the other more nervous pups could play and then ease in to the group. Very laid back atmosphere and very positive experience. Cam is a great teacher!!

Thanks so much!

Dear Angi,

You have had such a profound impact on our lives and Kona’s life. Truly. Through your wisdom and guidance we have learned so much. Kona’s life is forever better; and we have a fuller relationship with her that is a joy every day.

We appreciate that you are not only so knowledgeable but that you are a skilled teacher. You have a special talent.

We also are impressed with how you operate your business. First of all you are an advocate for what is best practice. Secondly, you set a high standard for your staff. They are always so friendly and helpful; and people can see that their dogs are loved.

We are very grateful that Kona had you and Tails-A-Wagging.
Thank you!
Patty & Tom

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed “Total Recall” taught by Rob. I was so impressed by how attentive and observant Rob was to all of the dogs and their handlers. Rob could spot exactly what was going on and gave us just the right suggestions to help my husband and myself help our 2.5 year old Lab improve her recall skills. Not only did we feel we learned some better handling techniques, but these classes were fun and we enjoyed our time.

With many thanks,