Read what dogs (and people) are saying about tails…

Dear Angi,

You have had such a profound impact on our lives and Kona’s life. Truly. Through your wisdom and guidance we have learned so much. Kona’s life is forever better; and we have a fuller relationship with her that is a joy every day.

We appreciate that you are not only so knowledgeable but that you are a skilled teacher. You have a special talent.

We also are impressed with how you operate your business. First of all you are an advocate for what is best practice. Secondly, you set a high standard for your staff. They are always so friendly and helpful; and people can see that their dogs are loved.

We are very grateful that Kona had you and Tails-A-Wagging.
Thank you!
Patty & Tom

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed “Total Recall” taught by Rob. I was so impressed by how attentive and observant Rob was to all of the dogs and their handlers. Rob could spot exactly what was going on and gave us just the right suggestions to help my husband and myself help our 2.5 year old Lab improve her recall skills. Not only did we feel we learned some better handling techniques, but these classes were fun and we enjoyed our time.

With many thanks,

Your facility is beautiful, safe, and very clean. The rubber floors are kind to me and my dogs. Julie is a wonderful agility trainer. She helped transform Mandy from a timid little kid into a confident, competent agility dog! We have been training with her over the last three years and will continue to do so. Thanks for having Julie on your team


Delilah loved puppy preschool – what a great socialization experience; full of play and information! Thank you so much – we’re looking forward to puppy kindergarten next!

I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the knowledgeable, friendly staff. Blu is much less timid after her class and we loved doing some of the Agility elements in her class, which will be her next class: Basic Agility.

The Simpson doggies

My husband and I, ignorant of any potential problems with taking two litter mates, adopted two Havanese pups ten weeks ago. We wandered into Tails a Wagging to make an inquiry…and have found it to be a life line ever since. We have had several issues with the pups. And Talis has offered us a great deal of information, advise and support. Because we have the pups enrolled in separate classes, have taken them to the free socialization classes and the Sunday morning romps, we have been lucky to have had help from Michael, Carmen, Chelsea and from Angie. Every one of these people has gone “that extra mile” in helping us. Generosity, passion and commitment have characterized each of our many sessions, phone calls, emails and even at-home visits, from these dedicated professional dog lovers/trainers.

We cannot say how grateful we are. We are so much enjoying our pups–Sasha and Rags– but honestly, I don’t think we could have kept them both if it were not for the people at Tails. We look forward now to a long happy family life, canines and humans, and know that Tails is helping us build a strong foundation for that life and will be an important part of it for a long time to come. Thank you so, so much !