About Us:

In The Doghouse.

Three indoor playrooms and two secure outdoor yards make for 10,000 square feet
of fun and safety for your dog.

Play Room 1.

For Small Dogs, Less Than 25 Lbs 1

Play Room 2.

For Medium To Large Dogs

Play Room 3.

For Large Dogs

Outdoor Play Yard 1.

For Small Dogs

Outdoor Play Yard 2.

For Large Dogs

Training Room.

Over 2500 Sq Feet For Our Training Classes

did you know…

All of our indoor flooring is rubber…made from 100% recycled tires?

And we use bio degradable cleaners when ever possible (our daily sanitation product is specifically formulated to prevent canine disease) All wall paint is low VOC. We are part of the Towards Zero Waste Program with Sustainable Connections. We recycle all paper, cardboard, cans, glass, food/compostable items, formed and film plastic. We use biodegradable poo pick up bags at our potty stations. We use our Food Plus Bin for all compostable waste, and have on site compost and worm bins, for use in our landscape. Dog waste is our only waste product that goes into the trash/landfill. We buy and serve only vegan dog food and treats. (yup…we’re vegan too!) We use washable hand towels instead of paper towels, whenever possible. We are a member of the Green Power Program with Puget Sound Energy which means we buy renewable energy including wind, solar and biomass – located right here in the Pacific Northwest. 100% of all of our electric needs are thru Green Power.