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A great alternative to leaving your dog home alone all day while you are at work– having your dog come to daycare is a wonderful way for your well socialized dog to be exercised and have a fun exciting day. A tired dog is a happy dog. How many times have you come home from a long hard work day, wanting to collapse on the couch- only to find your pooch has other plans. He’s been home all day- snoozing, maybe getting into a bit of trouble and he doesn’t care what the weather is outside- he’s ready to go! Now imagine dropping him off in the morning and having him spend his day at tails. He receives great physical, mental and emotional benefits in spending time with friends of his own kind. At the end of the day he’s ready to go home happy and tired from his long day and you are relaxed knowing the great care he received by the tails staff. Besides having fun playing games and being with other doggie pals, the dogs are constantly being “worked” through posi- tive reinforcement and clicker training ALL DAY LONG. We practice basic commands as well as incorporate fun tricks…. teaching dogs to target and do free shaping exercises is just a tip of the doggie iceberg. Daycare of course, is to make your pet dog-tired at the end of the day but we utilize that time to incorporate training. A well mannered pet is the result!