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(pack leader,the alpha,trainer)


Angela began working with animals professionally in 1989. She received her license with Washington State as a Veterinary Technician in 1991 and applied animal behavior in 1993. She began Tails-A-Wagging in 1997 as owner and lead trainer. She specializes in Canine Body Language and dog-to-dog communication, with a particular interest in fear and aggression in small breeds. Angela’s focus in training is to help people learn how to communicate with their dogs to further their relationship with each other, using science-based, dog-friendly, reward-based training methods. Angela is a vegan and lives in Bellingham with her dog, Meg. She is a certified Fear Free Professional




Cam is a northwest-raised adventure lover! He began working with dogs at Tails in 2008 before moving to Portland, Oregon in 2010. Continuing to work with, and learn from dogs and their people, Cam earned his CPDT-KA certification in 2016 and returned to Tails in 2018. His favorite aspects of training include building confidence in both dog and owner and fun having-relationship building. He strives to turn everyone into a little more of a nerd for their dogs!

Cam specializes in herding dogs, especially cattle dogs



(Front Desk,KPA CTP,trainer)


I’ve spent over fifteen years working in animal welfare, at shelters and rescues as well as providing guidance through training to dogs and their people in my private practice. After seeing so many pets lose their homes due to in-home conflicts, much of my work has been helping families with dogs through life changes – from newly adopted pets to bringing home babies, moving across the county, or just learning to walk comfortably, and safely around the neighborhood together. I’m especially drawn to working with shy/sensitive and over-reactive dogs and have a strong affinity for herding dogs.
I frame most of my training as games we can play with our dogs; it is integral to me that both ends of the leash are enjoying themselves! We build better lives with our dogs through enrichment/management, deepening our understanding and communication, and through our training and play together. My training is science-based and kindness-led.
I look forward to learning with you and your dog!”
As to cases I welcome – general training/basic manners, shy/sensitive and or over-reactive dogs, newly adopted dogs, families with dogs and babies/kids, husbandry/handling training, relaxation training, leash/walking skills, muzzle training.

CTC, HSUS CHES, KPA CTP, and Family Paws Educator (FFPE), Certified Fear Free




Kerry is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who has been training dogs for over 25 years. She has trained with Tails a Wagging since 2002 and in the past worked with Canine Academy in Seattle, Chuckanut Dog Training Association and Cassidae Canine Academy in Bellingham. She has also volunteered as the trainer for the Whatcom Humane Society for many years. She currently teaches our Wag It Games and Freestyle classes at Tails-A-Wagging and owns a beautiful Rough Coated Collie named Annie, who enjoys coming to daycare and attending class with her mom.




Lauren, CPDT-KA was introduced to dog training as a child while raising guide dogs for the blind with her family. She later volunteered at the Whatcom Humane Society, working with the dogs up for adoption, as well as being a part of a few community outreach programs with the help of her “career changed” Guide Dog, Laddy. Lauren began working at Tails in 2015 as a daycare pack leader and was inspired by Angi and staff to become a trainer. She began training professionally when she moved to Los Angeles, and has since returned to her hometown of Bellingham and is very excited to work with the Tails team again, this time as a certified professional trainer. She has a specialty in working with deaf dogs, having raised one of her own as a rescue pup from Puerto Rico, and loves helping others with their special needs dogs.

Lauren specializes in deaf dogs and special needs dogs





Lea is an Eastern Washington native who began her professional dog training career by training classes in Montana and Arizona after graduating from Washington State University in 2011. She has been residing in Bellingham since 2017 and loves going on outdoor adventures with her bestie Badger, the German shepherd/husky. Lea is excited to have recently joined the Tails-A-Wagging team!





Rae has worked with dogs for over 23 years in a variety of settings, from being one of the first pack dog walkers in Seattle when dog parks opened, to rescue and shelter work to dog training and classes. She achieved her CPDT-KA in 2016, and has trained around King and Kitsap county. Rae and her canine companion Apollo moved back to the NW after living down on St.Thomas, USVI’s for a year after the Irma-Maria hurricanes, volunteering at the Humane Society and helping rebuild. She somehow always knew she would end up in Bellingham (falling in love with it on her 1st Ski to Sea race over a dozen plus years ago) and is so happy to be training at Tails-a-Wagging!