The Calm Canine

In this class we’ll explore different skills and play games to help our dogs settle on their mats and in their crates.

The Calm Canine

The Calm Canine
Like their people, dogs need to learn to relax and to be able to self-regulate. In this class, we’ll explore different skills and play games to help our dogs settle on their mats and in their crates, redirect away from distractions, strengthen their focus, and build the cues of Take It/Leave It, Trade, and Wait.

Dogs must be one year or older to attend this class.

This class is not for dogs who are reactive towards other dogs (those who bark, or lunge at other dogs when on a leash)

3 week class

Shelter and rescue dogs get a 10% discount off their first class at tails.

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This class is taught by: Jen and usually meets on weekday evenings

This is an intermediate class for dogs who already understand basic cues such as Sit, Wait, and Come when called and who do not display reactive behaviors toward other dogs or people.  If we have not met your dog before, you may be asked to send a short video of your dog displaying that they are ready and eligible for the class.

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Class Rules.

All dogs signed up for any of our training classes are required to be current on their vaccines, including DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies (if over 20 weeks old).

DHPP, is a combination vaccine, it protects your dog from Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus. Bordetella guards your dog against Kennel Cough, a highly contagious airborne virus in dogs. Rabies is a fatal disease in mammals and is required by law for all dogs. You will be required to show written proof of vaccines prior to the first class.

All puppies are to be as current as they can be, for their age, on their vaccines. This means puppies do not have to be completed on their vaccine series, just as far along as they can be.

We accept vaccines given by your veterinarian only, no final vaccines given by a breeder or owner-administered vaccines will be accepted.

Note: if we have never met your dog before we may need to evaluate your dog prior class start date.


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