Puppy Kindergarten

All puppies must learn basic manners, bite inhibition and socialization by the time they are 18 weeks of age. This class is a fun way to do it all.

Puppy Kindergarten

We keep class sizes small with just 6 pups per class and mainly off-leash to help ensure good manners. Besides basic commands, we will also discuss house training, crate training, puppy-proofing the house, nutrition, grooming, lots of off-leash play to learn social skills, and much more.

As with all off-leash play in dogs, the client does understand and assume some level of risk, these are puppies playing, after all, learning social skills for the first time. We take every precaution for your puppy to have a safe and joyful class, however, if you feel at anytime your puppy is not behaving or responding in a way that makes you or another client comfortable, you can approach your trainer, the business owner or any staff member to be heard.

We have LOTS of options to fulfill your needs. We love your puppy and want to help them in their whole life.

All puppies must have started their vaccination series from a veterinarian and be between the ages of 9 to 18 weeks to start (this means puppies can start this class anytime between 9 to 18 weeks old). Classes are 6 weeks long and puppies come to all 6, one-hour long classes. Two great books are included in the price of class “BEFORE You Get Your Puppy” and “AFTER You Get Your Puppy” by Ian Dunbar.

6 week class

Shelter/rescue dogs get free stuff like daycare and follow-up training lessons?

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1. Choose a start date

This class is taught by:
Cam, and he usually offers them on Tuesday and Wednesday nights
Lea, and she usually offers them on Sunday late afternoon and early evenings
Jen, and she usually offers them on Monday nights
Rae, and she usually offers them on Sunday early afternoons

pop over to our app, Paw Partner to create a profile and see start dates and availability on the above trainer’s calendar.

Class Rules.

Your puppy is required to be as current as they can be on vaccines. Puppies will need at least 1 DHPP vaccine and their Bordetella vaccine (administered by a veterinarian only) before the first night of class.

We accept vaccines given by your veterinarian only, no final vaccines given by a breeder or owner-administered vaccines will be accepted.


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