Pet of the Month.

The Quintuplets December 2006


Chloe (Top) Yellow Lab, Aussie (middle left) Cattle Dog/Australian Shep Mix, Daisy Duke (middle right) Black Lab, Gus (left on table) Chihuahua Mix, Paco-Timone (right on table) Chihuahua

Let me introduce myself.. I’m Aussie, the official spokes dog for our family I thought I would start by telling you all about us. First and foremost we are a hers, his and ours kind of family. I originally joined the family from the Spokane Humane Society. I was really lucky to find my mom…I had a pretty rough start in life. I was also pretty shy when it came to meeting men, but Jason and all the TAW staff changed my mind about that! Now let me introduce my siblings…Daisy and Chloe are my sisters, they are labs…have you ever met a Labrador? Talk about no self control! When Daisy joined our family she was a little…how do I say…overweight? (her nick name was Chunky Monkey) But hanging out at day are has trimmed her way down. Chloe is the worry wart of the family, if you ever have a problem go to her she will worry about it for you! They are both super sweet and I love them. At day care they love to play and bark and have a great time chasing everyone! Now…it’s time to tell you about our brothers! First there is Gus. He was originally from the Whatcom Humane Society and a foster dog of Angi and Jason’s. He was very scared at the shelter and they did not think he was adoptable! It just goes to show you that a scary place can have a HUGE effect of a dog. Once he was taken out of the shelter and put into foster care his true personality came shining thru! He’s my wrestle buddy! Now for the youngest sibling…Paco. (also a foster dog of Angi and Jason’s) are you seeing a pattern here? I am sure many of you remember him…as a baby he was at day care most everyday hanging out upfront for all to see, waiting to find his forever home. All us dogs got together and made my dad realize he needed to join our family!

We know what you’re thinking….so many dogs in one house! But we are all such great dogs and we always follow the rules that I am sure we are no trouble at all for our mom and dad…..

If you had a major in college… what would it be?

Aussie: Major: Physical Education, you can’t stop her form running and running and running.

Minor: Home Organization, she can often be heard saying “First I put all the Chihuahua in a row…”

Chloe: Psychiatry, She always seems to think everything through.

Daisy Duke: Sports Casting, if anything physical is going on then you can always find right in the middle of the action with a running commentary.

Gus: Dropped Out, not because he’s unintelligent but because he finds it impossible to get out of bed before 2:00 pm. Night classes are out of the question, they are past his bedtime.

Paco Timone: Physical Education, he loves to run. He’ll chase whatever runs in front of him or (if left to his own devises) do laps around the room. We often encourage him by yelling “Run Forest Run!”.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Aussie: 4Yr old Tri colored Female looking for a friend to keep up with me. I’m very athletic, love to run, wrestle, and be chased. I am strong, hard headed, but very loving and family oriented.

Chloe: 8 Yr old Yellow Lab, Very sweet and a little shy. Seeking a partner who likes to play then take a good long snuggle nap. Must enjoy watching the Seahawks and NASCAR.

Daisy Duke: 6 Yr old Black Lab female with more energy then most. Seeking a friend who will try to tame her wild ways. Loves to chase her sister Chloe and a new Friend would make it even more fun. Please bring snacks….

Gus: 3 Yr old male Chi mix. 8.8 lbs and very handsome. Looking for that special someone to cuddle with under the electric blanket. Must be a sound sleeper (no tossing and turning), excess body heat a plus.

Paco Timone: 7 Mo old Male Fawn Chihuahua looking for a “Jenny”. I play hard and sleep hard, seeking someone to keep up. I have many squeaky squirrels to share. I am known for taking off my clothes… so naked dogs are a plus!