Pet of the Month.

Moxie December 2003


One wild and wonderful lil’ girl here! My name says it all. My mom originally adopted me for the Skagit Valley Humane Society and she has been my guardian since March 2003. Even though that’s pretty new to a family, I have told her all about the things I love. BALL…BALL…. BALL… Any kind and any size, that’s the game for me. At day care I love to play chase games, fetch ( of course ) and wrestle! If no one will play with me, sometimes I make up fetching games all by myself and just throw the ball around. I really like to run and chase around the big tires in the play yard. Its fun to run up and down them playing keep away.

Being the life of the party… I have a TON of friends. Just to name a few they are Bubba, Rocky, Barney, Percy, Mocha, Buck, Mojo, Bogey, Spike and Honesty. (Ok.. with Honesty I mostly like to give her kisses) One of my favorite games to play with my friends is to grab their little hind leg as they run by.. ha ha, the all go falling.