Pet of the Month.

Mr. Big December 2002

Mr. Big

Hi I’m Mr. Big. My breed is a Sarplaninac if you weren’t quite sure…… my mom originally adopted me from the Detroit Humane Society. I’m a mellow guy but can sure play crazy with the right friend. Toby W. is my best friend ever, he likes to grab on to my fluffy tail when we play. I have been coming to Doggie Day Care for a long time but it did take me some getting used to at first. You see.. I’m not much for change. It bugs me so much that the first time I saw the daffodils growing I went right out and bit off their heads and spit them out on the ground. Not much for toys either…. I like to just hold on to a plushy toy in my mouth, my favorite is my squeaky hedgehog. I come every Wednesday, which is fine for me because then I get to see Toby every week!