Pet of the Month.

Lucy Mayhem November 2019

You’ll have to excuse me if this fails to be an adequate introduction as I’m limited by the typing prowess of my scribe and “owner” Jordan.  I mean let’s face facts, she’s tired. She works all the time and that’s the only reason I started hanging around Tails a waggin. That and some sorry excuse of my needing socialization, exercise, oh and don’t forget the all important “manners.” 

I was just a baby when I started at doggie daycare, a mere 10 weeks old and cute as a blonde button if I do say so myself.  I knew nothing of the world except that the human holding the feed bag LOVED me. Good thing too because it was rough going in those early days. Sit here. Stay there. I can’t tell you how many times she said “Sit and wait” for the door to open. Just know this, if I had opposable thumbs it would not be me sitting at the door. No ma’am. No way. Not gonna do it.

Anyway, Hi  I’m Lucy the Labrador and I’m 18 human moons old. In dog time I’m a fully fledged teenager who’s still playing catch up with my beauty sleep. No judgment now, I’m still a growing girl and I have some big paws to fill. My pa was an English hunting gentleman, a real beefy bird dog. Ma was a sleek but chunky member of the American Labrador clan. I’m the best of both sides of the international breeding pond and an Olympic level sleeper.

My favorite things to do are eat, sleep and play, in that order of preference. And because it’s you and you asked, I’ll let you in on a little family secret, I love ice in my water bowl. LOVE IT! When the ice sticks to the bottom of the bowl I’m in heaven. The humans think it’s hilarious because I blow bubbles in my bowl. Clearly they do not understand the wonderfulness that is a bit of crunchy ice between my teeth. Yumm! Hold that thought I think I hear the icemaker.