Pet of the Month.

Audi November 2009


How did you come to live with your current family?

I was only seven weeks old; life was good, playing with my two sisters in Poulsbo, Washington. One day, A man came (my new dad) to my home. My mom interviewed him extensively and sat in his lap and my dad checked him out as well. They both seemed to like him. So I decided to play with him and the next thing I know we drove away in a long black Audi A8 sedan back to Bellingham (some people say the car looked like me and therefore the name “Audi” for me). The name “Audi” is Latin for “to hear or to listen” I guess my dad thought giving me a name that might encourage me to hear or to listen (to him) would be a good idea. Humans are full of such lofty expectations of us. They should just relax and know that we are in charge.

What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you?

I love to swim! My dad says I’m a Labrador trapped in Dachshund clothing. I have three swimming holes on my regular walk to Boulevard Park next to my home in Fairhaven. My nickname at Tails-A-Wagging is “The Black Torpedo” as I regularly take a dip in the pool at Tails-A-Wagging when it is available during the summer.

Besides Day Care… what do you love?

I love to roll over on my back in the grass to scratch my back, Of course I like it even better when my dad scratches my back for me, a lot less energy on my part and I do not get the grass in my fur. I also love Diane (Toby & Murphy G’s Mom); she always picks me up from Tails-A-Wagging with her dogs and my best buddies (Toby & Murphy) and takes me back to my dad at work at the end of the day. I really love sun bathing; a warm spot in the sun is me for some shut eye and dreams of playing with lime greens.

What are your favorite toys or games?

Lime Greens, as in miniature lime green tennis balls! I will chase them any where, any time and any place for longer than anyone is willing to play with me. I learned about lime greens at Tails-A-Wagging. Then my dad finally bought some for me, I think I have at least 11 at home right now, there may be one more lost under the dam sofa that even my long nose cannot reach.

What other information we should know about you?

I’m very German in my ways, another way of saying I can be a little stubborn. The Tails-A-Wagging staff knows how to deal with me and have taught me lots of neat tricks and manners that I sometimes show my dad. It should also be noted that of the 181 report cards I have received at Tails-A-Wagging since I have been enrolled there in February 2004, every report card (my dad has kept all of them from day one) has been good. Ok, there was one report card that may have got lost on the way home that said I was “grumpy” one day, you see, someone took my lime green toy and that made me mad.

The TAW staff want to extend a special thank you to Audi and his dad for a wonderful lunch (with cake!) that he sent along to honor Mr. Audi and his magical day as Pet of the Month… THANK YOU!

If you had a major in college…what would it be?

Clearly, it would be a law degree at the Ivy League “K-9 University” that specializes in Canine Law. I have previously done volunteer work for fair representation and recognition for purebred dog’s recognition, especially dachshunds. If you Google me you will find out I’m a member of the infamous “Bellingham 7” A group of seven bold and pioneering dachshunds who demanded the short and long dog bred be recognized for all of our talents and attributes. The case was resolved when “Alice” a dachshund (and original member of the Bellingham 7) broke the glass ceiling and was named Pet-of-the-month at Tails-A-Wagging earlier this year in March, you go girl! And now me, go figure, dachshunds rule!

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Why should I write an ad? I already have the best of all worlds, Tails-A-Wagging three days a week and living the dream in Fairhaven with my dad. Ok, if I wrote an ad, it would go something like this “Long, Short, Dark and handsome purebred K-9 male (with papers) seeks same in female version. Willing to share prized lime greens, if I really like you. Loves to cuddle and go for long walks on the beach. Must be willing to share my time with humanoid who thinks he is in charge.”