Pet of the Month.

tanith & georgia November 2008

Tanith & George

How did you become your pets’ guardian?

Tanith is a four-year-old retriever/Labrador mix. She was the third puppy we raised for CCI (Canine Companions for Independence, a service dog organization based out of Santa Rosa, California). We had raised her mom—a perfect dog, in our opinion—who CCI later selected as a breeder for their program. We raised Tanith from 8 weeks old until she was 17 months. At that point she entered Advanced Training—“puppy college”—but, to our delight, decided after a couple of months on the sunny California Campus that she would rather be a pet than a service dog.

We fell in love with Georgia, at the Whatcom County Humane Society, where we adopted the little five-month-old Lab last May.

Silly or Little known facts about your dog

We have fruit nicknames for each of the dogs: Tanna-Banana and Georgia Peach.

Tanith: Keith made up a song that he used to sing to Tanith when she was a little pup. To this day, whenever she hears it, she hops up and starts following him around, tail wagging and eager for butt rubs (see next question).

Georgia: While she loves going to Tails-a-Wagging, we discovered that Georgia doesn’t seem to be a morning dog. She enjoys having a quiet, uninterrupted naptime at home after she has her breakfast. This has surprised us a bit since Georgia’s always been “go, go, go!”

Besides Day Care… what does your dog love?

Tanith: Butt rubs and Peanut-butter filled Kongs

Georgia: Barking at any person or animal she sees through the window (we, however, don’t love this…)

What are your dogs’ favorite toys or games?

Tanith: Hide and Go Seek

Georgia: Any rough-and-tumble game of Tug that involves a rubber toy

If you had a major in college… what would it be?

Tanith: Cue the song from the musical, Grease — “Beauty School Dropout…”

Georgia: Security and Protective Services … What a sweet and goofy dog she is, but since discovering her voice, Georgia has lately been moonlighting as Head of Homeland Security.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Tanith: Do you like long walks around the neighborhood? Around the house? Around the coffee table? Smart, pretty, single golden-Lab X seeks caring family with whom to shadow and snuggle.

Georgia: Whoever fed me earlier today, I think you missed a scoop. Please call and ask for The Wild Child.