Pet of the Month.

KuKui November 2006


When I first saw my Mom & Dad at WHS I didn’t know they had already seen me many times before. You see, they had seen me at my old house. I could always be found alone in the yard regardless of the weather. This made for one sad looking little Pug. As I found out later, WHS had called to tell them that the pug they had often called about and felt bad for, was just surrendered to them and were they interested in adopting him? Were they ever! My new home is very different from before. I’m allowed in the house( I pretty much rule it….), I have other dog siblings so there was a bit of an adjustment period. With time and some classes we were all able to get on the same page( that I am the most important one…)

Silly or little known facts about Kukui:
Kukui is able to jump onto the kitchen counter and when caught he will hurl himself off and make a run for it. We have never caught him in the act of free jumping onto the counter (and limit his access to the kitchen now so chances are few and far between) but we can only picture what this feat would take from a puglet such as himself. Kukui is able to eat a pigs ear in 1 swallow. To elaborate: he slobbers on it until it is the right texture, rolls it to a tube shape and down the hatch… much to his dismay it never makes it all the way down. Needless to say this is not the best treat for the Kukui and it is now off limits.

Other than Daycare what does Kukui love:
FOOD! TREATS! FOOD! Oh and TREATS.. Wait did I say FOOD?

Kukui’s favorite toys and games:
Kongs are the best- cause it comes with treats!! Giraffe ball & Moose Deer – they are his favorite stuffies. Kukui’s favorite game is ‘crazy go nuts’ Which consists of getting really excited, tucking his tail and running around the house with a crazed look on his face, which is usually a result of his parents over stimulating him or jumping out and saying ‘boo’ from around a corner.

If you had a major in college… what would it be?

Culinary arts – anything with food is right up his alley.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Single black male seeks active companion. My perfect mate would be someone who can keep up with my lifestyle of running, wrestling, chasing others around at lake Padden’s off leash park and then settle down for a big meal and cuddle at the end of the day. Oh and you would have to excuse the ‘ka-sneezes’ I give, which is a kiss that ends with a sneeze in the face. Being a good cook is a plus, I love a good meal.

Incase you’re wondering, it’s my namesake. That’s right. It’s a Kukui Nut washed up on the beach. That’s where I got my name from. Yah…I know what you thought it was. Typical Human.