Pet of the Month.

teddy & bitbit October 2008

Teddy & Bitbit

How did you become your pets guardian?

BitBit came from a breeder who no longer wanted her because, after she gave birth to her first baby, she could no longer be bred. She came to us on an Alaska Airlines flight from Fresno, California along with her sister, who now lives with our niece.

Teddy came from a breeder in Whatcom County. He was the “useless” runt with tiny brittle legs the size of toothpicks. When Teddy came home with us, he fit in the palm of Harmony’s hand. When he was just a baby, he fell from the couch and broke his back left leg. Teddy has had three surgeries, and runs on three legs.

Silly or Little known facts about your dog

When BitBit came to us, she had been named “TwoBitHussy”. The name did not fit her!! How could such an angel be worth only two bits? And she certainly was no hussy! So we named her “LittleBit”, as she was a little bit of heaven.

Teddy likes to play catch with Loren. When Loren throws a fluffy stuffed ball, Teddy bounces it off his nose to send it back to Loren. Teddy also plays fetch. He pushes his toy off the bed and makes Loren fetch it.

Besides Day Care… what does your dog love?

BitBit and Teddy love each other. On some days, Teddy goes to Tails-A- Wagging, and BitBit stays home with Harmony to keep her company through her chemotherapy. BitBit never leaves Harmony’s side until Teddy comes home. Then she runs to greet Teddy, lets him lick her entire face, and all is well at the Kellogg home. Even when Harmony taught art, BitBit went to school everyday, and watched all of the painting from her canopy bed. Sometimes, the kids tried to put paint on her paws and get her to paint, too.

Teddy loves the neighbor girls. When they come over to visit, he clamors to sit in their laps. BitBit doesn’t like their visits as much, because they dress her up and undress her and dress her up again.

What are your dogs favorite toys or games?

Teddy has a favorite stuffed donut that he has loved for at least five years. What he doesn’t know is that we have replaced that donut about twenty times. We are in real trouble now, because they no longer make the donut, and the present ones are almost worn to shreds.

BitBit thinks toys are dumb. She watches Teddy run around and shake his donut, chew his donut, and then sit for hours and love his donut…and she never moves a muscle. When we buy her toys, she politely takes them, puts them down, and never looks at them again.

If you call BitBit’s name, she immediately rolls over on her back, and waits for you to pick her up.

If you had a major in college… what would it be?

Teddy majors in barking. We are trying to get him to change his major.He minors in business. He thinks it’s his “business” to let everyone know that he is in the vicinity.

BitBit majored in Patience. She has already graduated. When Harmony attended Goddard College, BitBit went to every class, sat under Harmony’s seat, and never made a peep. When Harmony went to the dining hall, BitBit hid in Harmony’s purse, because dogs weren’t allowed where food was served. BitBit slept in the dorm room, and was very popular at Goddard. When Harmony graduated, BitBit wore a gown that matched Harmony’s gown, and she even went to the podium to get the diploma.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Teddy: Small but mighty and loyal watchdog available to people sit. Will bark at anyone and anything. Big heart in a little body.

BitBit: Precious sweetheart available to be cuddled, hugged, and smooched. Will go with you anywhere, and won’t make a sound.