Pet of the Month.

Tux October 2007


My name is Tux and I’m an Australian multi-generation labradoodle. My Mom got me at the Whatcom Hospice auction two years ago when I was just a pup. See, her Mom had been a Whatcom Hospice patient and while she was sick she told my Mom over and over that she wanted her to get a dog after she died. It was love at first sight when we met at the auction, so my Mom believes that fate and her Mom brought us together. That’s probably why she doesn’t get mad when I do naughty things like chew on her cell phone, eat an entire can of honey roasted almonds or bark and play growl when I see another animal on TV (Why won’t they jump out of that big box and play with me?). I have my Mom wrapped around my paw, so it’s a good thing I go to TAW where they help me with my manners. Better yet, they let me play with puppies. I love puppies! The other things I love about daycare? Being in the pool, stealing my friends’ toys, chase, wrestling and sitting in the “people” chairs when I get pooped. On days I’m not at Tails, my Grandpa Pete takes me for a walk and we watch Oprah. I also love to visit my great grandmother. She’s 92, but still lets me sit in her lap. Plus, she gives me cookies with peanut butter on them. For fun, I like to lick things (especially my feline brothers), play fetch, get my belly rubbed and listen to people tell me how sweet and cute I am. I also do a great impression of a Portuguese Water dog.

If you had a major in college…what would it be?

Being academically challenged, Tux would need a full-ride athletic scholarship in either track or wrestling in order to attend college. If accepted, this natural entertainer would major in interpretive dance and hope his charms and good looks would carry him through.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Gentle, yet passionate, labradoodle seeks long or short-term relationship. Gender and breed not important. I have a hard time keeping my tongue in my mouth so please be OK with public displays of affection. Must love cats, children and senior citizens.