Pet of the Month.

Misty September 2004


Hi my name is Misty. I am a super cute Yellow Lab and I get to come to day care 3 times a week. You see I am a bit of a wild woman. My mom had another lab before me ( he was apparently a quiet one ) So not only was I a surprise for her.. but oh boy was I a surprise. I am what you would call a field lab.. so I love to play and keep very busy. At home I love to swim, play tug of war games and a good game of hide the cookie! Every night after dinner I get a Greenie, they are my favorite. I know just where my mom keeps them so until I get one I like to jump up until someone gets one for me. It can go on for a really long time if no one is paying attention to me! At day care I sometimes wish I was a little dog, so I could crawl up on everyone’s lab and snuggle ( I always try though ) I also have a knack for having lots of crushes on the other yellow labs. I love to have my tummy rubbed and the girls at day care can put me into a trance and I will just lay there with my paws up in the air and I won’t move! The games that are my favorite at school are Chuck-It, and Rubber Stick. My best friends are: Mattie, Jessica, Pearl, Colby, Moony, Farley and Jazzie

If you had a major in college…what would it be?

Double major. Snacking and Recreation

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Solid, sweet and sassy blonde looking for a male fellow for snuggling, snacking and fetch games. Must swim and share toys well. Must give good belly rubs and have a large lap. Enjoying quiet chew time a plus.