Pet of the Month.

Bear September 2001


Hello, my name is Bear. To many of you that’s Bearry Bear, Baby Bear, BearBear, just to name a few. My mom originally adopted me from the Whatcom Humane Society where I had to leave my brother. I was happy to have a good home with two moms (Sabrina and Marilyn) and God-parents (Marcia and Don), but sad and lonely–especially on the days when my family went to work. Now, I love to come to doggie day care to see all my friends. And guess what! Last month my lost brother, Toby, showed up at Tails-A-Wagging so now we get to play together all the time. I am one lucky dog!

September is my Birthday Month and I am one year old. I’m a Newfoundland Mix and think playing in the water is the best. I also love to be chased and chewed on! Originally I was very shy and afraid of everything, but I’m very out going now. Also, My mom is painting the mural at the doggie day care too!