Pet of the Month.

Maisie M. August 2017

Maisie, Pet of the Month

Hi everyone, I am Maisie and I am a fun-loving two-year-old Black Labrador Retriever! My story begins when I was just a baby and a nice lady reached down and picked me up and held me in her hands. I am told I was smaller than her hands and that she fell in love with my little black furry self right at that moment. One day, she picked me up and never put me down again until I was at my real home. My real home has some funny yellow grass in the living room that doesn’t need water, or, as I soon learned, any other liquid.

I was a good puppy. I had a lot of fun because I always wanted to play. I can make games out of almost anything. My school life started out at Tails-a Wagging Pre-school , then Kindergarten and finally, Prep School. I really like being trained with little treats and having recess breaks to play with my friends. Sometimes treats help me remember things, and sometimes, treats are just yummy.

I really love my family, my friends and my toys. I make nests with my toys, dirty socks and any hand towels that I can take off of the towel racks. I move my toys around from my living room-bed to my bedroom-bed, and sometimes I take my toys up on my couch or outside to my yard. I have friends who come to my house to play with me and when I see them coming up the walk to my gate, I get really excited and do a special welcome dance on just two legs.

The school I love is Tails-a-Wagging, but if I have to choose a major for WWU, it would be “Leisure Studies”. I think I would earn some advance placement credits for that, as I am really good at enjoying my leisure. I have to go now, I see someone who wants to play with me.