Pet of the Month.

Scooter August 2007


My parents had lost their precious little Toby after 17 years and we all know how sad that can be. So they weren’t even looking for another dog when they found me. 3 years later this really nice lady who walked into my dads office asked “Do any of you know someone who would like to adopt a little Bischon?”….and they ALL pointed to Carl, my dad, at the same time. So he called Nancy, my mom, and they drove to Ferndale to visit me, and what can I say – I stole their hearts with my loveable, snugly self and 7 months ago they adopted me. There’s no place like home! You probably can’t tell just by looking at me, but I am totally a “Mama’s Boy”! Please don’t tell the guys at Day Care, but I follow her everywhere! She is the only human I know with a “Bischon shadow”! I love absolutely everything!! My favorite activities are fetching, going outside for walks, doing Zoomies with my Jack Russell neighbor Rascal, and if you care to take a bath, I will be right there sitting on the very edge of the tub (about ready to fall in) watching you! Inside, my favorite toy right now is my “Puppy”. I chewed off his tail but he’s still the best toy ever. Outside I am “Scooter The Rabbit Hunter” when it comes to finding bunnies. We have them all over near my house and its so much fun to try and get as close as possible before they hide from me.

If you had a major in college…what would it be?

Botany: (the study of plants), because he carefully sniffs and examines every bush, plant or tree before “leaving his mark”!

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Little Dog With “Big-Dog Attitude” seeks fun-loving playmate for zoomies in the grass. Minimal barking preferred. Bring treats!!