Pet of the Month.

Lucy B. August 2005

Lucy B.

Stand back… here I come… I’m Lucy B. I am one of the sweetest dog you
will even meet. I am an angel at Day Care and have TON of friends. My best
friend is Scrappy, we are thinking of going steady. He gives me lots of
kisses in my ears and I repay the favor as often as I can. My best “girl”
friend is Jazzie, she is super cool and sweet like me. From the staff I
like to get massages all day long, I know lots of cute tricks too like
“touch” and dancing.

My dad rescued me from the shelter and I am glad to of trained him well to
know I am a truly a lap dog. My favorite things at home are going on longs
walks, taking naps on the best beds and spending time with my grandparents.
A silly thing you may not know about me is that I am VERY good at helping my
dad in the garden, you see I like to help him by taking his left, yes only
the left, garden glove. Don’t ask, I’m eccentric!

If your dog had a major in college… what would it be?

Lucy would major in Abnormal Human Behavior /Psychology (with an emphasis on
‘why humans talk baby-talk to dogs’…)

If your dog wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Black, white and sable, single female, excellent parentage, loves long
walks and kisses. Favorite hobbies include moving all of my dry food out of
my bowl and rearranging all the pillows and blankets in the house. I insist
on keeping my pet human. Floppy ears on you a plus!