Pet of the Month.

Persey July 2017


How did you come to live with your current family?
I was adopted when I was quite young. I knew from a very tender age that I had big shoes to fill, those of my predecessor. I have big feet (and a big heart) and that was no problem.

What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you?
I watch everything, and really like keeping an eye on things. It’s my job to keep the deer out of Mom’s gardens. I’m a goldfish pond guard dog. Fetching the newspaper is also one of my duties.

Besides Day Care… what do you love?
I’m very fond of squirrels, but love bunny rabbits. I quiver when I see one. Turn me loose and I will give them a run for the money. They are better chasing than squirrels as they don’t climb trees. I like riding around in the truck and going to work with Daddy. I do great nose art on the windows. I love to run in a big grassy field. Swimming is pretty fun too.

What are your favorite toys or games?
I like to dribble a tennis ball around with my feet while carrying my fox in my mouth. A good game of tug is always fun, be it with my people or my little sister.

If you had a major in college…what would it be?
I have my Masters in Good Citizenship and am working on my Doctorate in anatomy. My thesis will be in bone marrow transplants. I haven’t gotten past the removal part yet.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?
Let’s do walkies in the park and sniff out all the details in the pee-mail. Help me keep the world safe from those dangerous squirrels. Lets run on the beach and check out all the marvelous sticks. Then take me to the brew pub where I can socialize and enjoy a good beverage. I like it when there is live music. I can do a pretty respectable “Snoopy Dance” and enjoy a good snuggle.

Other information we should know about you?
I love my little sister even though she can be a real pest sometimes. She bites my ankles and I give her a big woof and chase her till she runs in circles.