Pet of the Month.

Mowgli July 2006


Hi I’m Mowgli,

My mom gave me a second “leash” on life. I was surrendered to the SSP because my previous family moved away and didn’t take me with. A volunteer with the Alternative Humane Society saw me and knew my new mom was looking for an older… more mature dog. I certainly fit that bill. It wasn’t long until I was able to show my new family how smart I am. My mom’s grandson was over one day and was talking animatedly and waving his arms around, so I rolled over. They shortly found out that I also know how to shake hands and speak on command. They are always on the lookout for more undiscovered talent.

Some of my favorite activities are chewing on bones, riding in the car, catching kibble, visiting people, counting the kibble, and every once and a while startling the cat.

At day care I am loved by all. I am known for being a sweet and loving boy who is always up for a good snuggle. I play well with each and every dog I meet- I am a good wrestler, even though at my age I take lots of rest breaks. At day care they also call me “the lil’ bunny” because I hop hop hop when I am excited!

If you had a major in college… what would it be?

Culinary Arts: Mowgli just loves everything about food.

Minor in Aromatherapy…. He is definitely a “stop and smell the flowers” kind of guy.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Fun loving, good natured, optimistic elderly gentleman seeks Picnic Partner. Must bring own food!