Pet of the Month.

Michonne June 2022

How did you come to live with your current family?: My mama says I look
like her first chiweenie, Althea. Auntie Angi saw me at that shelter place
and sent my picture to her. She ran right down, saw me, and that was that.
I picked her right away.

What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you? I’m named after
Michonne from The Walking Dead. She’s a weapon with a weapon, or that’s
what my mama always says.

Besides Day Care… what do you love? I LOVE to go to work with mama. I get
kisses, hugs, and treats from all the staff and even have my own name tag
and a bed on mama’s desk! I like to keep my eye on her. She sure talks a
lot but she says that’s work. Hmm…

What are your favorite toys or games? I’m really good at puzzles. I like my dinner that way. That’s best!

For enrichment, what do you prefer? food, scent, movement? something else?
FOOD, food, and more food! But I do love to search for my squeaky toys too.

If you had a major in college…what would it be? Gym. Have you seen my

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say? Fun single lady looking for
friends first. Let’s play tag and see where it leads.

Describe your perfect day: School, work, and then snuggles on the couch
with mama and my kitty sister. Perfect!

We know your real name is, but what are some of your nicknames?: I only
have one. Mama and my aunties call me Michy.

What was your favorite trip you’ve taken?: I’m a covid baby so we haven’t
taken many long trips but I do love parks. Padden is my favorite.

Do you have a best dog friend? At Tails or outside of Tails: Every dog at
Tails is my friend! I really love Meg and a black and white dog that mama
calls Tater but that’s not his name. Oh, and Freddie C at school.

Are you a morning dog or a night owl? Morning please!

Peanut butter or whipped cream?: Both! I love to eat!

Ball or stick?: Ball, unless I can eat the stick.

What’s the stinkiest thing you have ever rolled in?: Something dead. I
don’t know what it was but it made mama scream and run in circles. It was

Where is your favorite place to sleep? (and no, you won’t get in trouble
if you say your Hoomon’s Bed) Right next to mama.