Pet of the Month.

Chloe, Fiona, and Madeline June 2014

Full Names?
Chloe Elizabeth, Fiona Rose, and Madeline Mei.

How did you come to live with your current family?

Chloe: I was first, of course. My moms met my brother at a party and he was so quiet and sweet that they adopted me the very next day.
Fiona: I was living outside and it was cold and I was really hungry and scared but Miss Eleni came and got me and took me home and gave me lots to eat and I got to sleep in the warm house. She told me I would have a real mom soon and I did! I got two moms and a big sister who takes good care of me.
Chloe: That’s my job, Fiona, and I am quite pleased with your progress.
Madeline: My Turn! MY Turn! Well I was with my birth mom first then with a nice lady at the doggy doctor’s house. Then Auntie Angi and Uncle Jason came and got me and I got to go to Tails and meet EVERYBODY! And it was Christmas time and Auntie Angi put me in a stocking and took my picture and then she pasted funny eyebrows on my and took another picture. I was so freaking adorable.
Madeline: Oops! I was so incredibly adorable that my moms came and took me home.

What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you?

Chloe: I am a sheriff and excel at keeping order and making sure that everyone follows the rules.
Fiona: I like to steal my sister’s cookies. I am very good at it. I wait and wait until they aren’t looking and then I very quietly sneak up and get their cookie and bury it in the sofa pillows.
Chloe: So that’s where all my cookies are. That is illegal Fiona and, as sheriff, I can make sure you never steal another cookie.
Madeline: Fiona’s going to jail! Na na na na naaaaa na!
My silly fact is that my Auntie Angi and Uncle Jason named me Dirty Baby Brown. When they call me that at school I run for my hugs and kisses. It drives my moms crazy. I also have a VERY LOUD BARK. I sound just like my pittie friends and I can scare off lions and birds, and the lawn mower guy and other dogs and zombies and bees and……
Chloe: That’s enough, Madeline.

Besides Day Care… what do you love?

Chloe: I enjoy helping with the laundry. Sorting socks is my specialty.
Madeline: I love everything! Treats and romps and going to school. Cuddles when I am sleepy and wrestling when I am not.
Fiona: I am the best at giving kisses. I take this job seriously and am very thorough. I also love walkies and playing outside. And when my mom gets in her hammock in the summer I like to jump right on top and make her tumble out. That is my most favorite thing of all.

What are your favorite toys or games?

Chloe: FRISBEES!!!!!!!!!! I L-O-V-E them. And sometimes mom throws one up on the roof and I have to tell her to GET IT DOWN! PLEEAAASEEEE PLEEEAAASSEEE GET IT DOWN! And I keep telling her and telling her.
Madeline: Squeaky toys! Underwear! Shoes! Balls! Sticks! Treats!
Chloe: Madeline! Enough already. It is Fiona’s turn. Fiona, what are your favorites?
Fiona: Well I do like to play bitey face with Madeline. But Keep Away and Get That Puppy are my very favorite games.

If you had a major in college…what would it be?

Chloe: Law Enforcement.
Fiona: The psychology of happiness
Madeline: I don’t want to go to college. What a dumb question for a seven month old.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Fiona: Cuddly type looking for a friend who likes to go on long walks.
Chloe: Take charge girl looking for someone who does what they are told.
Madeline: Playful girl looking for like-minded individual. Let’s get together and make a little trouble.
Fiona: Madeline, that is not nice.
Chloe: And it is against the law!

Other information we should know about you?

Madeline: We are three busy happy girls. We have lots of friends and we spend our days running and napping and taking walks with our moms. We have great fun except when Chloe tries to be the boss of everyone.
Chloe: MADELINE!!!