Pet of the Month.

Jenny May 2020

Hi my name is Jenny a.k.a. Jenny Elle a.k.a. Monkey

Current family:

I came to live with my current Mom and Dad and canine siblings because mom was looking on Facebook and found an ad for me. My first family picked up my whole litter and was going to help place us in new homes. They couldn’t resist my face so they kept me; then decided with three little children and a whole lot of animals it was just too much. I was just a puppy, full of energy. I moved in with my forever family when I was five months old just last year!

Silly/little known fact:

I’m known as a cat-dog. When my humans open the back door if there’s a squirrel on the lawn which most of the time there, is I will stock them like a lion. I might stay perfectly still for 20 minutes gradually moving one paw at a time and then in the final pounce I take all four steps in two giant leaps. I even caught one once, rolled him on his back but he didn’t want to play so he ran away.

What I love:

TAW is one of my favorite things but I also love going on rides, hanging with my K9 family, being a couch potato & hogging Mom & Dad’s bed.

Favorite toys/games:

I love my balls, my Nylabones and any toys I can get my paws on. I’m learning what a frisbee is & love it too! One of my favorite things to do is gut any/all stuffed toys. I then shred them into tiny pieces & have fun batting the pieces around like a cat would. I remember my first family had a LOT of cats & bunnies.

College Major:

My college major would be philosophy. I’m always watching, learning & figuring out life.

Personal ad:

Looking for a romp in nature? I wear a coat of many colors; just like me, many layers. I can teach you all about birds,squirrels, how to bury bones and many more things. What can you teach me? Looking for play dates open to any and everyone for a good time.

Info about me: I am constantly in motion rarely am I still except when my batteries need charging after a day at Tails A Wagging. I patrol my yard, the deck and even the yard beyond the fence. There are so many hummingbirds at the feeder‘s I need to jump up at them to ensure they don’t decide to hang around too long. Mom and Dad put up birdfeeders on a cable and I love to leap and spin 6 feet off the ground to make sure they don’t stay too long either. Then there are the deer, just beyond my fenced yard…don’t even get me started about the deer! It’s a lot of work being a country dog