Pet of the Month.

Abbey May 2010


How did you come to live with your current family?

My mom and dad were shopping in Aberdeen one day and they found me sitting in a cage in a pet shop. I was very lonely and sad. My mom asked the pet store owner whether she could give me a hug… then I don’t remember exactly what happened, but the next thing I knew, I went home with them. I now have a mom, dad, and Mau Mau, Mei Mei, Mickey, Mimi, Dusty. They are all my cat brothers and sisters.

What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you?

I love running around in circle and rolling on the ground with my mommy.

Besides Day Care… what do you love?

I love running on the beach. Once in a while, mom and dad will take me to the beach house in Ocean Shores, and I love picking up dead crabs and chasing the birds. Although mommy hates me doing that.

What are your favorite toys or games?

I love tug-a-war with mommy or daddy. I prefer tug-a-war with mommy because she is whole lot smaller than daddy. I always lose when I play with daddy. I also like playing the ‘catch’ game with mommy. She would throw a piece of treat in the air and I try to catch it. It has to be the lamb treat though because I love it! But I do miss a lot. Mommy should know that I’m not that kind of ‘catch’ dog by now but we keep trying.

If you had a major in college…what would it be?

Criminal Justice. You know, I love to sniff around and find out who has been around. I just know those neighbor’s dogs and roaming deer are up to no good. I need to really find out what they are doing.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Hehe, I’m a beautiful single young lady with mixed brown and blonde hair, tall and slender, athletic, love to run, enjoy nature walk. Love good food and may be occasionally a glass of wine. Looking for honest, good looking, unattached single male with similar interests. Of course, friendship first, may be something more later….. Oh, do need mommy and daddy’s approval though..

Other information we should know about you?

I love going to Doggie day care. I have a lot of friends there. But I also love staying home with all my cat friends, particularly Dusty. Dusty loves me very much. She comes and cleans my face all the time and I don’t have the heart to tell her that her tongue is really rough and every time she cleans me, it was very ticklish! Dusty also taught me how to lick my paw, and then clean my face with it! Mommy told me that doggie like me don’t do this but I sort of like it.