Pet of the Month.

Iris May 2006


Hi there, I’m Iris,

I started my life as a criminal…. but wait, I should tell you from the beginning. It was a dark and stormy night, or maybe a nice sunny day, I really don’t remember, but the first part sounds way better. I was 8 weeks old, just a baby, the whole world in front of me- I was alone and running down main street in Sumas. Ever been to Sumas? They are not too keen on Pit Bulls in Sumas…we are not “allowed” The police were called and I was picked up by The Whatcom Humane Society Animal Control. Although I was totally adorable.. my looks only got me so far. I was, to say the least, a total hellion. You see, at 8 weeks old I was supposed to still be with my parents and siblings, being taught things like manners and bite inhibition.. Not me, I’m a rebel. WHS was pretty worried about me, I certainly could not learn those things at a shelter. Lets be honest… we all know great puppies don’t happen by accident. I needed more, a lot more. WHS called Angi and Jason over at Tails-A-Wagging and what I needed was a foster home with a another dog and to come to day care EVERYDAY. so that’s just what I got. I had already fallen in love with this big dog at day care named Neo. He fell for me too. Remember, I told you about those great looks of mine… well, when it was time for me to “choose” my foster home, I got what I asked for. Turns out my foster home needed me too! And they adopted me to be their forever girl. Now I live with my big brother Neo (that’s him at the bottom of the page), my kitties and my mom and dad. We are one BIG happy family.

Now that I am a big girl I like to show off at day care. They use me a lot to meet new dogs. They say I am really reliable when it comes to meeting new dogs… Not sure what that means, I just thought that was part of my job. I look at my self as a kind of “Julie” from the Love Boat….I gotta make sure everyone is having a good time.

Other stuff about me… well the things I love are: Attention, People, Dogs, People and Dogs who give me attention, eating rotten duck poop, chewing on my brothers head, Using cat hairballs as chewing gum, sitting in laps and learning new tricks. At home I really like to watch Animal Cops ( New York is my favorite) I like to bark right at the TV, especially when they rescue a pit!

If you had a major in college… what would it be?

“Between being the most popular girl in the sorority, Cheerleading practice, my duties as Student Body President and Partying, who has time to study?

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

“Are you kidding? With all the boyfriends I have at daycare, who needs to advertise?”