Pet of the Month.

Remi May 2004


Hi I’m Remi. I am so excited to be pet of the month… Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My mom and dad adopted me from a breeder in Texas in Spring 2002. They took one look at me when I was just 8 weeks old and well… it was done deal. You see I am just a wee bit obsessed by the ball- but don’t get me wrong I am a good snuggler too. I also like to follow everyone around like a little shadow. I am also quite the out-doorsy girl, I like hiking, canoeing in the Ozarks, mountain biking on Galbraith Mountain ( ok… I prefer to run along side the bike ) I even love to go crabbing with my great uncle Joe in Hood Canal. Besides balls, I am a sucker for birds, the laser pointer and bumpers. I am really good at hide-n-seek and rough house games too. I have a pretty big family, lets see, there’s my five canine cousins Emmit, Sierra, Haley and Ranger ( all labs ) and one mini schnauzer, Kelly. I love to visit them all and wear them out! At day care I love to wrestle and chase just about everyone, but my best friends are Dillan ( my boyfriend ) Aussie,Smokey W., and Shadow B.