Pet of the Month.

Sasha & Gigi April 2012

Sasha & Gigi

How did you come to live with your current family?

Sasha: I was discovered by my mom on the internet. She was looking for a special dog to rescue and found me at a Humane Society foster home. My foster parents were really really picky. They had denied six families from adopting me, but when I saw them I new they were the ones. Putting on my cutest face, my wiggliest butt, and my best puppydog eyes ever – they were hooked, and best of all, my foster family loved them.

Gigi: My family decided it was time for my big sister Sasha to have a little sister. They needed a special dog-one with personality, spunk, and a little attitude. After much searching, I finally found them.

What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you?

Sasha: I’m a pretty big dog, like 60 pounds -1/3 husky, 1/3 German Shepard, 1/3 golden retriever. Nothing scares me….well, except when my little sister growls at me guarding her bone.

Gigi: I’m a Cavachon. Half Bichon Frise and half King Charles Cavalier. That means I’m all princess with a big dog personality and a twist-I LOVE TO SWIM! All this in a stunning 12pound body with girlish curves. One of the great things about me is that I get a haircut every month and my best friend is Jessica the groomer.

Besides Day Care… what do you love?

Sasha: I Live for my tennis ball! My owners can throw my ball all day long and I need more…… and more!!!! I love the summer time. My favorite activity is swimming. I love to launch off my dock into Lake Samish. My Legs NEVER get tired. The best thing of all is my stuffed dog that I snuggle with at night time.

Gigi: There is nothing better than snuggling with MY MOM! That’s a big part of my life. My favorite thing is to play tuga-war with my big sis. And, if there’s a laser light in the house, I will chase that thing til my tongue falls out! But, the best part of my life is that every night I get to snuggle with my human sister-Alyssa. That Rocks!

What are your favorite toys or games?

Sasha: My favorite game is Frisbee and catching the ball in the air. My favorite toy is any toy. I just love life….. My owners give me lots to do. Another thing is I love to RUN. My owners take me running everyday around the marina. I know when we are getting closer and can’t help my excitement. I love the snuggles after our run. My owner really makes me feel good.

Gigi: I live for swimming! There’s nothing better than swimming with my big sis, Sasha. Sometimes I bite on to her tail and she pulls me in:) I love to swim, but I hate feeling wet- that’s the bichon in me! When I’m not swimming, I love to run-my owner runs me and my sis 4 miles a day-gotta keep the bichon in me looking great. People mistake me for a cheetah!!!

If you had a major in college…what would it be?

Sasha: Shedology!!! No one is better at it than me! I practice all day long everyday of the year. Sometimes I even put on shows. Like when my mom just finishes vacuuming and the perfect ray of sunshine comes through the window, and now let the show begin. I give the most excited shake and for some reason my owners face and eyes change? I don’t know why?? Shedology is my middle name:)

Gigi: I would be a bellydancer cause I can’t stop wiggling my butt. You may laugh, but it’s true-I’m just happy to be happy. Sometimes I get so happy that my hips get a going and I just fall over. I love to perform -no shyness here! My goal is to meet everyone I see, by giving them my magic potion-my own, special little wiggle.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Sasha: Circus Dog for Hire. Come see the one the only High jumping, smiling, leaping, cat loving dog in town. I can chase my little sister cats and lick them all in mid-air. I can run up trees like no other dog, almost getting those cute cute little squirrels. All in all I’m a tall dark and Beautiful Girl.

Gigi: “Hot, short chick looking for love.” Loves to run sandy beaches with the wind flowing thru my ears. Looking for that special someone to entertain me in style. The bichon in me would love a Frenchman to fan me with feathers and feed me treats. Must have house on the lake. Laserlight an added bonus.

Other information we should know about you?

Sasha: I love meeting other dogs to play with! Thank you Angie and Jason!!!!!!

Gigi: For all my good looks, I give credit to my fantastic groomer Jessica!!!!!!!!!!! For my amazing social skills, I give credit to Angie and Jason!!!!!!