Pet of the Month.

Fred April 2007


My dad became my guardian after his friend, Sue Hilton, asked Laura at the Whatcom Humane Society to keep her eyes open for a nice Golden Retriever for my him. He’d lost his good friend, Buddy, the Golden Retriever, to cancer just a few short months before I arrived on the scene. One day, Sue got a call about me, she called Robert, he went to see me and the rest of the story got started! I didn’t have a very good life before and was a little bit nervous and scared at first. Now my motto is “Life is Fun”.

I’ve accumulated a big stash of things that the neighbors seem to leave out as gifts for me—a single boot, a toy truck, a garden trowel, other dogs’ toys and some other really good stuff. I think it’s really nice that they do that for me!

I like to talk and sing, especially when I am bringing you something I have found or greeting you at the door.

I love swimming in the saltwater at the beach, rolling in muddy puddles, my Merrick Cowboy Cookout dog food, and getting lots of love.

My favorite game is to run head on in to the couch cushions and try to bite them when a red laser light is shined on them. I like to chase and bite at the shadows on the wall, even when they aren’t moving. Sometimes that can startle people if they aren’t ready for it. When people make shadows with their hands on the walls I like to jump and bite at the shadows and try to catch them. How come I never catch them?

If you had a major in college…what would it be?

Criminology: Fred’s really good at finding things, so I think he’d make a great FBI agent.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Good looking Golden seeks cute girl to give tokens of love and sing to. Must be willing to share the couch and not mind watching me roll in the grass and mud.