Pet of the Month.

Chloe April 2002


Hi I’m Chloe. I have been coming to Tails-A-Wagging for the past year and I love every minute of it! My favorite things to do are run, chase and wrestle with all my best friends: Ben, Greta, Toby W., and the entire Golden Retriever Click of which I am the official founder of that club! Some silly things you might not know about me are that if there is an ounce of water out there I will find it and lay in it- at least at day care. My parents says I’m not much of a water dog other than here but every one at Tail-A-Wagging does not believe them…. I am a very loving and big-hearted golden who enjoys Ginger Snaps and I snore when I sleep. Originally from Canada I have been with my parents for 2 years. I love to chew on everything I can. At Day Care its Nylabones and trying to de-fur all the tennis balls, at home shoes, hat and gloves will do nicely.