Pet of the Month.

Archie M March 2022

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?
Single, Golden Boy with great smile, living life to the fullest. Looking for a play date with a companion for bouncy romps, couch cuddling, green bean snacking, and deer chasing. Swimmer a plus. If you like fetch, please understand I will not return anything you throw at me. 


Describe your perfect day.
Wake up at 3:30. Let my hoomons know I miss them with a bark. Go back to sleep for 3 hours. Wake up. Get Cheetah and show to my people. Eat kibble with green beans. Go on a hike or snowshoe. Bark at deer. Find dead squirrel and chomp it. Eat dinner. Cuddle on the couch. Lay on my back, legs-up. Fall asleep. Good day.
We know your real name is, but what are some of your nicknames?
Archie McTrouble, Archie-boy, Archibald 


What was your favorite trip you’ve taken?
Leavenworth. Great swimming. We’re going to Tofino in a month and I can’t wait to do some body surfing. 
Do you have a best dog friend? At Tails or outside of Tails
A 10-year old friend named Luna. She is so nice. 


Are you a morning dog or a night owl?
Definitely a morning dog. I’m out by 9pm.
Peanut butter or whipped cream?
That tough one. I love Starbuck’s “Pup Cups”, but peanut butter is just so awesome. How about whipped cream on peanut butter? Or peanut butter on whipped cream?


Where is your favorite place to sleep? (and no, you won’t get in trouble if you say your Hoomon’s Bed)
On the couch. I love stealing Hoomon’s space after they warm it up.


Other information we should know about you?
This is such an honor and I love coming to Tails-a-Waggin’! My tail is a-waggin’ as I type this just thinking about it! Oh, and I really like squirrel heads.