Pet of the Month.

Neo & Misha March 2003

Neo & Misha

Hello Everyone, Neo and Misha here…. co- pets of the month!

Like Batman and Robin, like ying and yang, like coo-koo and cocoa puffs, we were meant to be pet of the month together. Best friends from the moment we met. You see our mommies work together and for a while we got to go to work with them… until of course we were kicked out for causing too much trouble. Off to day care we went to not only be each other’s best friends but special friends to all the big crazy boys like us! Our favorite past time is chewing on each other’s heads, and the heads of other nice dogs, playing chase and keep away. Our best friends are Ben, Riley, Arther, Max, Tanka, Spot, Gordy, Toby W., and Jocie (ok she is really just Neo’s true love…)

Misha was a Whatcom Humane Society adoptee, where he was originally picked up by animal control when he was just a wee one. Neo was raised by his breeder with his fellow siblings but was lucky enough to get to join his new family when he was still a pup.