Pet of the Month.

Townes T February 2022

Meet our Pet of the Month for February 2022! Townes

Pets Name: They call me Townes, the man about town.

How did you come to live with your current family? My person Kelsey fostered me and my brother Homer when we were puppies. Homer went to live with a nice family and I liked it at Kelsey’s house so I decided to stay there.

What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you? My full name is
Townes Von Bubberton.

Besides Day Care… what do you love? I love rubbing my belly on my favorite
carpets, chasing balls at top speed, playing with friends, and licking
faces when people least expect it. I also enjoy hiking, swimming, and making people laugh.

What are your favorite toys or games? I absolutely love chasing my balls and showing off how fast I am. I also love my little burrito toy.

For enrichment, what do you prefer? food, scent, movement? something else?
Hmmm, I think the most enriching thing for me is socializing!

If you had a major in college…what would it be? I would major in Leadership Studies with a minor in Cuteness Theory.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say? Fun-loving guy seeking new
connections. What I lack in size I make up for in charisma. Let’s meet up
at the park and run around until we get tuckered out, then maybe we can
head back to my place for a nice nap.

Describe your perfect day. Please see above

We know your real name is, but what are some of your nicknames? Gooby Brother, Glub Glub, Bubber, Pumpkin, Fela Cutie

What was your favorite trip you’ve taken? I think it was when I got to go
down to Ojai, CA to enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate and meet other
people who kind of looked like Kelsey.

Do you have a best dog friend? At Tails or outside of Tails. Well, Cyder
is probably my best canine pal but I haven’t seen her lately. I’m really hoping to find a new best dog friend.

Are you a morning dog or a night owl? I’m a little bit of both!

Peanut butter or whipped cream? PB, please

Where is your favorite place to sleep? (and no, you won’t get in trouble if
you say your Hoomon’s Bed) The couch is my jam.

Other information we should know about you? All my brothers and sisters
were white with brown spots; I was the only black and tan one in my litter.
I was the runt of the pack but I was also the leader. So, I’m a pretty
special guy!

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