Pet of the Month.

Momo February 2018


How did you come to live with your current family? 
My mom had a friend from college who posted on Facebook that his dachshund was about to have puppies,
and my dad begged to go see them, because he wanted a dachshund. The old friend from college said they
couldn’t have the girl puppy (me), because they were going to keep me for themselves, but then they decided
having three dogs would be too many (and he was right—have you ever heard a pack of barking
dachshunds?), so my mom and dad got me after all, plus, we go and visit my original family all the time. I
basically reunited my mom and her old college friend so now we have a big, long-haired mini English Cream
dachshund pack.

What Silly or Little-known facts should we know about you?
Well, not to brag, but my dog mom, Bambi, is internet-famous. She isn’t stuck up though. We like to do all the
same things: BARK, chew things, BARK, tug-of- war, and get belly rubs. My dog mom says that the key to being
an internet star is to live with someone who takes really cute photos. Oh, also, both my dog mom and I HATE
wearing any type of clothes, so if you read her Buzzfeed article, don’t let that fool you:
Here is my dog mom Bambi’s article in BuzzFeed:
Bambi The Dachshund Is Guaranteed To Bring Infinite Joy To Your Life

Besides Day Care… what do you love?
Not many things compare to going to see my friends at school, but I do also love to see how fast I can chew an
entire bully stick; let the neighborhood know that there are birds and squirrels and bicyclists and people near;
visit my pack in Seattle, spend time with my grandma (she lives near a lake with DUCKS that must be BARKED
AT), cuddle with my mom and dad in bed while we watch TV; and did I already mention belly rubs? Oh, and I
love asparagus, sweet potatoes, and cheese. You can get me to do anything if you reward me with string

What are your favorite toys or games?
I love the kind of food puzzles that have treats hidden in strips of cloth, so I get to rip them out and pretend I’m
disemboweling squirrels. I really only hate two things: wearing clothes, and squirrels. I also have a stuffed
javelina that is almost as big as me. His name is Jamon, and every morning, after I potty and have breakfast, I
ask my parents to put Jamon in bed with me, so we can sleep in together. That javelina is the best nap partner.
If you had a major in college…what would it be?
I would have a double major: Communication and Architecture: As a dachshund, communication is my number
one priority, and I take that very seriously. And then as for architecture, I like to rearrange my toys in rows, and
I move my bed from room to room so that I maximize my access to sunshine and views outside to the

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?
Looking for that special someone to share short walks in the park (I hate walking and wearing a harness and
leash), BARKING at all the things, and bites of asparagus. Must be willing to let me sit on all the laps, except
for when I am competing at speed bully stick eating.

Other information we should know about you?
My dad insisted on giving me a crazy long name, so my full registered name is Momo Kaiju The Situation
Benikawa Cava. But if you are a human who likes getting licks and butt wiggles and having your nose
inspected, you can just call me Momo.