Pet of the Month.

Charlie February 2008


Hi everyone, I’m Charlie. I’m not really sure how to introduce myself. You see, I’m not a complicated girl, I’m just a happy girl. I love playing Frisbee, going on hikes, swimming, snuggling in blankets, wearing cute sweaters and ripping up toilet paper. I love it when we have company over. I give them my best butt wiggles and hi-fives (always a crowd pleaser ). Wiggles have always worked well for me. When my Dad first came to look at me he was sure he wouldn’t be tempted to any snap decisions. He even brought a friend to help keep him on the straight and narrow. As I’m sure you guessed wiggles and kisses won out and as Mom says, I’ve been a daddies girl ever since.

At day care I am one of the sweetest pups you will ever meet. I often insist on wearing a coat or sweater- I like them really tight so I feel like I am always getting a hug. My best buddies are Lilly A, Rufus R, Abby G and Dooley.

If you had a major in college… what would it be?

Cheerleader sciences: She’s very energetic and outgoing. Always the center of attention.

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

I’m an active blonde haired blue eyed girl who loves to go swimming and hikes. I’m looking for a friend to snuggle with in front of a warm fire and share a cheesy Kong.