Pet of the Month.

Milo February 2007


Hi everybody, my name is Milo. Let me tell you about myself. I’m a young and clever Australian Shepherd. I’m a local boy, Born and raised here in Whatcom County. My folks were looking for an Aussie Pup and I was the last of my litter unaccounted for, so that was kind of a sign for all of us. As is true for most Aussies I am a bit on the more active side of the scale. I enjoy swimming, chasing sticks, Frisbee, long mountain hikes (even though I have to carry my own water and poo bags) and can fluently ignore commands in four languages. I can also entertain myself with my hunk of rope, squeaky cow, or online chess. I do have a calm side too you know. I love to take naps on the bed and if I can cuddle with someone then all the better.

I am very loved at day care… for many reasons but I’ll tell you their favorite. When you first get inside TAW, you know all those great staff that come running to put a leash on us to take us to the back? Well, If I think they should be moving just a touch faster… I give out a sort of yodel, a bit of a song, to let them all know I am ready. They love it!

If you had a major in college…what would it be?

Major: Communications, with an emphases on Radio & Television entertainment. Milo has always wanted to create and host his own talk show entitled “It’s a Dogs Life.”

If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?

Single B, B, & W K-9 seeks other K-9’s for tag-playing and stick chasing fun. (Those who are willing to let me have the stick most of the time will receive extra consideration.) All genders encouraged to apply, herding dogs a plus.