Pet of the Month.

Sierra January 2020

How did you come to live with your current family?

My puppy mom really wanted a black and white dog because she loves pandas so much. My puppy dad found a place in Bellingham that had black and white dogs, so they went to visit. When my parents got there, they saw me, and—even though I didn’t fit that requirement—it was love at first site! I crawled on their lap and fell instantly asleep. I knew I found my forever home!

What Silly or Little-known facts should we know about you?

I LOVE socks. I will not damage them, but I will herd them either to my bed or my toy bin. I know there are supposed to be 2 matching colors in a pair, so I know if you are holding out on me. If you only give me one, I will sit and wait for the second.

Besides Day Care…what do you love?

EVERYTHING! I am always very happy and jazzed – just look at my tail! I really love when my humans blow up an air mattress. They even let me lay on the mattress as it inflates! I also love to be outside and going hiking. Oh, and snuggles. I also love playing with Elizabeth and her dog Zena!

What are your favorite toys or games?

Puzzle games! My humans give me at least 3 puzzles a day, and they always have treats in them! We also play hide and seek, and my humans hiding spots are never as good as they think they are! I am also starting to learn agility, and I love it!

If you had a major in college…what would it be?

Gym, of course! If I could run all day, I still wouldn’t get all my energy out!

If you wrote a personal ad…what would it say?

I am Sierra! I’m quite a personality. And I love to run, run, run. I try to pretend I’m independent, but really, I am very attached, and love snuggles.  Just on my own terms, of course! I’m always looking for new friends for lots of adventures!

Other information we should know about you?

I have one of the highest pitch barks you will ever hear!