Pet of the Month.

Jackson January 2007


Without sounding conceded, I’m very charming. When my Mom Jenni first saw me I was napping and I still wooed her. I wasted no time on my other Mom Heather, the staff at TAW or Laura my Puppy Kindergarden teacher, they all adore me. At day care I love to wrestle. I’ll wrestle with anybody. From my friends at Day Care to Cats, I even have a pal who’s a Great Dane but my best friends are Gizmo, Lucy Bennett, Peluche, Percy, Leo and Kuro. I also enjoy car rides, my puzzle ball, tug-o-war, cat toys and of course my Mommies. I’m not really into mornings. I’d like to sleep in to about noon.

If your dog had a major in college what would it be?

Archaeology: Mostly interested in finding civilizations who highly value Feline Excrement (Cat Dookie) There’s nothing better than ancient Kitty Rocha.

If your dog wrote a personal ad, what would it say?

I’m a Taurus Terrier who loves to cuddle & has a huge heart. Handsome and clean cut yet with a rugged look. Seeking other fun dogs to wrestle & play with. I’m the kind of guy you can take home to Mom. Give me a treat & I’m yours!