Puppy Preschool

A play and learning class for puppies 9-14 weeks old. Focus is to learn socialization and bite inhibition. This class is free, but registration is required.

Puppy Preschool

Pups work on bite inhibition and handling exercises. All puppies must have started their vaccination series and be between the ages of 9 to 14 weeks. Attendance is FREE! We offer this class at no cost because socialization saves lives! Puppies can ONLY be properly socialized and learn bite inhibition in the first few months of life.
Although this class is free- preregistration is required.
Please submit your intake form, and expect an email from us to let you know of your next step for class.

pups can join each week.

Puppy preschool is free at tails because proper socialization saves lives!

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please ask your vet to call, fax, or email us your dog’s vaccine history. Thank you

If you need to cancel your reservation for a class please give us at least 2 weeks notice prior to the start of class. Cancellations after the 2-week period will not be subject to a refund.
Class Rules.

Please sign in as soon as you arrive.

Please take dog for a potty break PRIOR to entering the playroom.

Don’t feed other dogs without permission from dog’s guardian.

If your dog becomes over stimulated resulting in excessive barking, dominant or aggressive behavior, please remove from playgroup. Please check with trainer whether the dog should be readmitted or if further training needed.

Excited dogs need frequent potty breaks.Your pup should be taken out every 1/2 hour.

Please clean up after your own dog. If you see another dog having an accident and the owner is not aware, please notify the trainer on duty.
Well behaved children over the age of 10 yrs are welcome to attend. Children younger than 10 yrs may be permitted with permission from instructor prior to class.

Your puppy is required to be as current as they can be on vaccines. Puppies will need at least 1 DHPP vaccine and their Bordetella vaccine (administered by a veterinarian only) before the first night of class.

This play group is for socials puppies only, you need to be on your best behavior.

Potty is for outside…all the other pups will make fun of you if you go inside the playroom.

You can attend this class thru your 14th week of life.


Give us a call! (360) 733-7387 or send us an email.