Puppy Prep School

Puppy Prep School is designed to bridge the gap between Kindergarten and continued adolescent education.

Puppy Prep School

This class will help with further socialization, continued manners as well as body awareness and confidence. We have off leash play time in every class! Some new commands as well as hand signals will be introduced, and each week the pups will work on a different piece of agility equipment. Whether the plan for the pup is to continue doing any dog sports or not, this class will help maintain a level of obedience that will carry them on to adulthood.
Who can attend?
If your puppy has taken a Puppy Kindergarten Class with us, this class is open to your pup between the ages of 18 weeks to 1 yr
If your puppy has not taken a Puppy Kindergarten Class with us, pups ages 18 weeks to 6 months, with evaluation approval are welcome. Evaluations are done Monday thru Friday by appt and are free of charge with the sign up of class. During the evaluation you will need to demonstrate that your pup can sit, down and come when called. If you don’t think your pup can do that… don’t worry! We have another class option for you.

6 week class

Shelter and rescue dogs get a 10% discount off their first class at tails.

Sign up. Puppy Prep School

don't forget...

please ask your vet to call, fax, or email us your dog’s vaccine history. Thank you

If you need to cancel your reservation for a class please give us at least 2 weeks notice prior to the start of class. Cancellations after the 2-week period will not be subject to a refund.
Class Rules.

Your puppy is required to be as current as they can be on vaccines. Puppies will need at least 1 DHPP vaccine and their Bordetella vaccine (administered by a veterinarian only) before the first night of class.

We accept vaccines given by your veterinarian only, no final vaccines given by a breeder or owner-administered vaccines will be accepted.

If we have not met your puppy before expect that we will need to evaluate your puppy’s social ability with people, other puppies and bite inhibition. If you sign up for class this evaluation is no charge.


Give us a call! (360) 733-7387 or send us an email.