Canine Body Language

Learn what your dog is trying to communicate to you and to other animals with their body language in the human’s only lecture in a 2 part series.

Canine Body Language

Canine Body Language Part 1: We will discuss neutral and appropriate behavior, to understand calm and relaxed body postures. We will observe normal play movements as they pertain to the family and other dogs. We we discuss what overstimulated and innapropriate play looks like and how to control it.
Canine Body Language Part 2: We will be dealing with fearful, reactive and aggressive behavior in dogs as well as barking lunging and leash reactivity. We will talk about appeasement and calming signals, canine stress and bite prevention.
For both lectures we will use photos and videos in this fun and thought provoking 2 hour lecture. Although this lecture is free, registration is required as this class fills up fast, and is eligible to the first 75 registered people.
You are welcome to attend either or both parts in any order.

2 hours

Shelter and rescue dogs get a 10% discount off their first class at tails.

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