Agility FUNdamentals 1

This class introduces dogs and their owners to the exciting sport of agility.

Agility FUNdamentals 1

In this class, teams will use positive-based, success-oriented training methods to learn the sport of agility for the purpose of fun. Dogs will work with a combination of regulation and scaled-down equipment and will be introduced to the A-frame, tunnel, teeter-totter, tire, bar jumps, pause table, weave poles, and the chute (closed tunnel). Successful completion of any positive rewards based obedience class with reliable off-lead control over the dog is required. Due to body movement and core strength ability, dog should be 1 year or older when starting this class (when growth plates have closed on the body)


6 week class

Shelter and rescue dogs get a 10% discount off their first class at tails.

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