HELP! I need to talk to a trainer todaytest

Are you looking for a solution to a behavioral concern or problem today? We can help! Often we can help you with solutions just by talking with you over the phone. You have access to a lead dog trainer 5 days a week. With this FREE 30 minute consultation we can get you immediate help by discussing your current situation and directing you to multiple practicle solutions, handouts, videos and how-to's

Dog Trainer Consult Hours:

•Monday: 2pm to 4pm

•Tuesday: 9am to 11am

•Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm

Wag it! Gamestest

“Wag It! Games” is a new sport created by Sumac Grant-Johnson that “Offers a variety of relationship based dog training activities full of smiles and wags”. It combines “Shadow Skills”, a variety of heeling maneuvers (right, left and behind) including spins, crosses, flips, U turns and finishes, “Sniff it Skills”, “No Need for Speed Obstacle Course”, and “Dog Ball” where dogs learn to maneuver a ball through a course using their noses only. There are 3 levels of competition in Wag It!

Canine Body Languagetest

Canine Body Language Part 1:  We will discuss normal and appropriate behavior, to understand calm and relaxed body postures. We will observe normal play movements as they pertain to the family and other dogs.  We we discuss what overstimulated and innapropriate play looks like and how to control it.

Canine Body Language Part 2: We will be dealing with fearful, reactive and aggressive behavior in dogs. We will talk about appeasemen and calming signals, canine stress and bite prevention.

Private Lessons test

In this session we can address a multitude of issues, including: barking,  chewing, digging,  jumping up, crate training, separation anxiety, walking politely on a leash, anxiety at the veterinary hospital or groomer, riding in the car, adapting to a new baby in the home, potty issues, new puppy, off leash abilities, biting, growling, fear and reactive (lunging/barking at others) behavior and much more!

Puppy Preschooltest

Pups work on bite inhibition and handling exercises. All puppies must have started their vaccination series and be between the ages of 9 to 14 weeks. Attendance is FREE! We offer this class at no cost because socialization saves lives! Puppies can ONLY be properly socialized and learn bite inhibition in the first few months of life.

Although this class is free- preregistration is required. 

Please submit your intake form, and expect an email from us to let you know of your next step for class.

Puppy Kindergartentest

We keep class sizes small with just 6 pups per class and mainly off leash to help ensure good manners. Besides basic commands we will also discuss house training, crate training, puppy proofing the house, nutrition, grooming and much more. All puppies must have started their vaccination series from a veterinarian and be between the ages of 9 to 18 weeks to start (this means puppies can start this class anytime between 9 to 18 weeks old). Classes are 6 weeks long and puppies come to all 6 hour long classes.

Puppy Prep Schooltest

This class will help with further socialization, continued manners as well as body awareness and confidence. We have off leash play time in every class! Some new commands as well as hand signals will be introduced, and each week the pups will work on a different piece of agility equipment. Whether the plan for the pup is to continue doing any dog sports or not, this class will help maintain a level of obedience that will carry them on to adulthood.

Who can attend? 

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