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abby g.

where is the pool? I love the pool! we can wrestle and snuggle all day long, but if its in the pool then its even better. My BFF's are Lazer, Moksha, Otto, Sukha and Daisy- cuz they love the pool too! My mom does not even mind me going home wet! Ahhhh the life of a Newfy!

abby s.

I'm a sweet beagle who is all about fun! I love all the other little dogs the most and Percy, Joey, Bogey and Moxie are my best friends. I'm Jake's little sister and I adore my brother. Moxie taught me the coolest trick.... when Percy runs by just grab his leg and tug on it. It makes me laugh real hard. Hey...I was pet of the month!

allie j.

Hi everyone... its me, Allie. I am a super fun, silly, SPUNKY, sweet gild who is all about games. Wrestle time and chase are my favorites. I am a total flirt and have tons of boyfriends, just a few are Carlo, Babe and Shiloh B. Day care is cool, and I come with my brother Koda.


Hey I'm Audi...also known as Mr. Wiggle-Butt. I love to play and seek out other Doxi's but my best friend is Toby G.... I love him with all my heart. When I need a rest after a day of fun I like to find a good blanket and roll myself up into a dachshund burrito. Wanna Bite?

ava a.

what cha doin? can I do it too?  I'm a good girl, who loves everyone I meet and always happy to do what is asked of me.  My BFF's are Jersey, Otto, Della, Greta and Casey.  My favorite games is pounce on my head while I am in the pool. I enjoy wrestling,  sitting for treats and trying to fly.  You did not know pups could fly?  Well, I might just be the first.

bandit b.

I'm Bandit B. One of those wild Aussie dogs! I love to wrestle and chase all day, especially my best friends Hailey, Doire, Izzy, Baker Blue, Jesse, Douglas,Kye and Shadow P. I am also very good at looking sweetly up into the staff's eyes.. that's my way of asking for a bit more love. December, 2005 Pet of the Month.

bentley w.

Are you ready to be silly? Well join the party, because I sure am! I am a goof ball boy, one who will play until I DROP. I love all dogs but prefer the little ones like me. Although my VERY best friends is Beau G. I enjoy a good game of ball (at TAW that 20 balls at one time!) and chewing on all the pugs heads! They taste great!


Hey! Check me out. I’m Biscuit! I have been a Tails dog for as long as I can remember, starting in Puppy Pre School when I was still at the animal shelter. I am a one smart tom-boy kinda girl. I am ruff and tumble and can keep up with everyone. My best buddies are Carlo W, Dobby, Hannah W, Kobe H and Strudel. We are one cool Wednesday posse’ I like jumping on the tires and playing keep away games with my friends. Training time is also my favorite, I like to trick the staff and tell them it’s really snuggle time. 


Mr. Puff, Blackie Boo, Black-Attack, PuffPuff... just a few names the staff calls me, but I'm Blackie. A VERY sweet and loving guy. I really enjoy coming to day care to cut loose and be a silly dog. I love running and chasing my best buddy Jaxon. He's a sheltie like me... we swap stories! He's ball crazy like me, but he's usually faster at getting to it than me (don't tell him.. but I let him do that) I also like clicker training time and keep away games.

brady b.

Don't let me hair-do fool ya! No foofie dog here! I enjoy running and wrestling with the best of them. At day care I am well known for a pretty awesome howl during howling circle time. I enjoy playing keep away games and clicker training time the best. My most favorite friends are Indy G, Mojo, Callie D and Biscuit D. April, 2009 Pet of the Month.


Such a wiggle worm! Best friends to Percy, Tuck, Conner, Willy, Mocha and Barney. Loves to fetch balls and play in the pool. Best time ever is chasing Tuck! October, 2003 Pet of the Month.

buffy the vampire slayer

Hey...check me out. I'm Buffy the Vampire Slayer! yep..that's me. I am a happy girl who enjoys running with my buddies and playing fetch with all the toys here! Staff says I am really smart and I love training time! The clicker is fun. My best friends are Lucy M, Barney, Alice W and Smudge, we all like running up and down the room together! September, 2010 Pet of the Month.

callie d.

I am one of those perfect little dogs (or so the staff says) that plays and plays and pretty much always does what is asked of me. I am really good with whom ever I meet but end up seeking out soft players like me. I love Mairi, Bizzy, Cookie and Scooter. We all wrestle in a big heap rolling all over the floor!

chauncey d

I’m Chauncey! I’m hot stuff. I’m known for being the Tails trickster…you see, I like to steal things when the staff aren’t looking. Leave your pen within snatching range? It’s mine. Drop a towel? I’ll take it. Leave paperwork on the table? Consider me your shredder. I just like to keep everyone’s day interesting is all. Even though sometimes I’m mischievous, I’m a really sweet guy, and would do anything for face scratches or a good cuddle.

chloe m.

It's funny, the staff call's me a flutter-by... I am one of those silly puppies with lots on my mind- too much to stop too long at any one thing. I play with my buddies then.. zoom... off to chasing them, then...zoom... off to playing keep away games and so my day goes and goes. I am super cuddly and enjoy learning new things, I am super smart. My best buddies are Maggie L, Ernie Mae, Daisy L and Ricky.

chloe n.

I am one silly dog! When I first found Tails-A-Wagging I was a bit shy… not sure what to do , but now I am the life of the party. I really love playing with other dogs and love my Tails time. My best friends are Dirk, Sachi, Maggie L and Filbert. We are all really good friends. Also, I like in the afternoon, when it starts to slow down, I can crawl into the staff’s laps for rubs and pats. Hey...I was pet of the month!


Cookie Now I know what you're thinking... yes I'm a puppy but I'm a TOY Australian Shepherd! So I will always be this cute and tiny! I am a happy, crazy lil girl who loves to wrestle and jump around. I love everyone but especially Twinkles, Wally, Toby G, Mojo and Gizmo. My favorite thing to do is play keep away...wanna play June, 2008 Pet of the Month.

cooper m.

Hey! Nice to meet you, my name is Cooper M. I am one great dog (if I so say so myself) I was quite the handful when I was a baby, but my family worked super hard and I have been a Tails dog since I was just a wee one, so now they call me a Rock Star (just to give you a hint, my name used to be Cooper the Pooper) My BFF’s are Dirk, Sachi and Chloe N.

daisy c.

Tails staff used to call me a diamond in the ruff... now I am just a diamond. I have been wanting to be a Tails dog for a long time, and I worked really hard and now I get to come every week. I am a sweet, silly, goofy high energy crazy lab... who is everyone's best friend. I really like playing with Chauncey D, Rusty P, Oscar B and Drake B. But let's get real, if you have 4 legs we can be friends.


I am one of those super sweet pitties that will steal your heart. I am goofy, silly and full of love. I enjoy day care so much I sing about it all the way here. I am everyone’s best friend and am the life of the party. I really like training time, as learning new tricks is super fun. My best buddies are Kahru K, Baker H, Chaz B and Gert the Squirt (she’s my girlfriend) Hey...I was pet of the month!


Have you ever had one of those friends that no matter what you are doing you KNOW you will have a good time if they are there? Well... I think that's me! I have too many friends to count, I love everyone and show it with big kisses. I adore puppies and take it upon myself to teach them how to play well. Angi says I should be the pitbull poster dog- since I am so outgoing I can tell everyone that pits are the coolest dogs ever! My best buddies are Mowgi A, Chaz, Cara-Mia, Maddie and Shakel.


Ok... I gotta talk fast, I am so busy with all my white fluffy friends I don't have much time for chit chat. My best buddy in the whole world is Bogey, but I will settle for some fun with Scooter, Lulu,, Mac or Cameo. We all run and run, chasing each other all day. I am pretty silly and day care staff says I am a gem... all I know is that I get lots of love and attention for just being me!

elsa n.

Hi, I’m Elsa! I might be small, but my snort is mighty! I can play and play and play and play and play and…well you get the idea. Jellybean is my BFF, we both enjoy a great game of chase, and wrestle, and bitey-face…anything really! Sometimes my friends tell me to, “let it go”, but I don’t understand why.

fergus w.

this day care thing is amazing.  How did I not know about it before?  you get to run, play, chase and chew on your friends EVERYDAY?  Then people kiss and snuggle you and rub your belly while they give you cookies? At first I thought it was too good to be true,  but I spoke with all the other puppies and they set my straight.  Tails says I have a knack for getting shy dogs to play,  but I think of it as just paying it forward.


Let me introduce myself... I am Princess Fiona! Sure, I might be a touch
shy when we first meet but you and I can chat a bit about how beautiful I
am, maybe exchange a cookie or two then we will be fast friends! At day
care I can be pretty silly, lots of running and chasing for me. I adore my
sissy Chloe M and are besties with Maggie L, Pablo, Bubba and Daisy. I
think its super fun to learn new tricks!


I'm a young girl, who is all about the games. Keep away is my favorite... and my sister Tanith tricks me all the time. I'll be playing with a toy and she wants it, so she runs over to the door and barks (like she see's something) and I drop my toys and check it out. The, surprising, she nabs my toy when I am not looking! My best buddies are Wyatt, Athena, Sophie C and Sadie H. November, 2008 Pet of the Month.

gibson f.

Can I get a “woof woof” for the GSDs of Tails?! I’m Gibson, AKA Gibby, AKA Gibber, AKA Gibby-Wibby (don’t call me that last one in front of my friends, ok? I have a reputation to maintain). I love playing with my other GSD pals – Greta L, Casey R, Kaiser S, just to name a few. But I’ll play chase and wrestle with anyone who asks me, I’m cool like that. Summer pool time is one of my faves, so if it could hurry up and be pool season that would be great. WOOF!

ginger l

Hi everyone! My name is Ginger. Sometime the staff at TAW calls me Ginny-Bug, Gin-Bop or Ginger Bear. I really like coming to day care, I have a ton of friends and think I am the wrestling champion of the littles! My best buddies are Indy G, Pablo M, Maggie L and Daisy L. I have a crush on Audi, but don't tell, ok? He is in the cool pups club and I hope to someday be a member.


Known to many as Lil Giz, Giz-Man, Fluffer Nutter Chi (ok, maybe just Angi calls me that) I am a SWEET but oh so sassy Terrier/Chihuahua Mix. I find myself gravitating towards other Chi the most (Percy, Elmo, Althea, Bentley, Reggie, Gus...) but anyone who loves to wrestle will do just fine by me.

gotham s.

look at my lips. now make a smoochy face at me...that is what my Tails humans do all day. SO MANY kisses I get on my big lips! I am a fun guy, happy to play with everyone. Love my peeps Darcy, Leto, Jack H, Moksha and Otto. Did you know my brother comes to day care too? same mamma, same pappa, but I am a year older. When I first met him at day care I thought he was a dork, but now I love him and get smoochy face together.

griffey m.

ok, lets get one thing straight... I love you. now and forever, I love you. oh, I also love my friends, Jayda, Arya, Charley O, Rusty P and Roxie. Oh and I love clicker training. Oh and I love treats and the pool. Oh wait... I love you.

hannah w.

Can you say silly dog? I am a lover thru and thru... I am everyone best friend. I can wrestle all day long and still have more to spare. I like to talk a bit, but nothing too wild. I have too many buddies to list them all but Porter, Aly G and Monk are some besties! This photo is me and my favorite cat! RIO!

henry e.

I might be short on legs, but I am big on playtime. I have too many friends to count, but Little Bear is my BFF we have been thru is all together, puppy class, day care, meeting new dogs, snack time, nap time, you name it... we have done it. We even make sure we come to day care on the same days! but, I really like every one and I am one of the best snugglers in town.


Hey… check me out, I’m Herman. Staff says I am kinda like a bull in a china shop… but I don’t think it’s really my fault cuz I just have a plan and part of that plan is seeing everyone, doing everything all at the same time. Not sure what the big deal is, I consider myself efficient. My best buddies are Myloe G, Denver M, Kai B, Drake B, and Shiloh L. Hey...I was pet of the month!

jack s.

Hey everybody... I'm Jack, or Baby Jack as I'm known at Tails! If you are looking to snuggle I'm the man for you! I can wiggle my way into just about anyone's bed, lap or arms.. I'm the best. Hanging out at day care is really cool, my best friends are Alice, Audi, Barney, Oskar and Mia. VOTED BEST BOOTIE SHAKER: JACK S. AND TWIX D.

jake m.

I'm Jake! I am the little puppy greeting committee – I love playing with all the silly new puppies and showing them the ropes! When I'm not taking a newbie under my wing, my BFFs are Luna G, Coco W, and Rosie E. I could play with them foreverrrr!

jelly b.

Hi-Ya! I'm Jelly, you may know me by my brother Bandit, he will do almost anything for the limelight here. I, on the other hand, am quite content to basking in the sun and watching him do all his tricks. If I am not playing with my brother you can find my begging for face scratches... they are my favorite. Best buddies are Bandit (of course) Linus, Kip and Beulah.

jessie s.

Look out world... here comes BEAGLE! One silly, goofy, loving tomboy here. I am everybody's best friend. I go and go and go.... only stopping for a treat. My best buddies are Gus, Peeka, Kipper and Maggie. March, 2010 Pet of the Month.

johnny k.

They say I am an old soul-not sure what that means,  but I think it means I get to chew shoes.  My BFFs are Gus V, Mazy D, Switters. My favorite games are tug, wrestle, chase (giveing and recieving) , nylabone chewing and standing on the tires pretending i am a super big dog.

kailey r

Wanna doodle?  me too!  I am a silly, goofy roll around the floor kind of girl. The boys think they are a match for me, but I can run circles around them and be talking about it the whole time!  My best buddies are anyone with curley fur like me,  but if you are dorky enough we can be friends.

kaiser s.

I am one of those dog who is exactly as they seem... regal? check.  smart? check. able to hear a squirrel from 50 yards away? check.  My brother is Kumo, and i really love him.  But we are in seperate groups (he's a little)  a day care I lik to run an wrestle,  my BFF's are Hatch, Nakita,  Riker and Charley O.  Clicker time is really fun,  Iike learning tricks. Hey...I was pet of the month!


Kakoa, Yup, that's my name... it means "Brave One" I'm not so sure about that though. At day care I am a very social guy. I really enjoy everyone. My best friends are Percy, Gus, Moxie and Bubba. My brother comes here too, Rolli- I really LOVE him the best. At day care I just play and play, but if I see you on the street I might bark at you.. don't worry I am just asking to play.

kaya b.

They say my nick name is Princess Goofball. All I know is that I love day care, these are my peeps! I have lots of friends, but REALLY like super dorky boys, especially Galan and Trucker- and when they both are at daycare on the same day? Look out, we are the trifecta of fun.

koda j.

Yo...I am what you would call a ladies man. I am a very confident, but never overbearing boy who is a social butterfly. I like to play but still know I have a job of sheriff, keeping all the pups in line. Lucy B is my main squeeze, but Abbey V and Kali M are still pretty important to me. Chase is a fun game for me, along with clicker time. June, 2011 Pet of the Month.

kona c.

They say I am a social butterfly.  I play with everyone - but I especially love other yellow labs, like Ava A & Ellie S. I really like to wrestle and play bitey-face. My favorite toy is a super ginourmous rope to play tug with 3 or 4 friends at once. At the end of the day I get to walk down the hall with a rope toy covered in coconut oil in my mouth, do they love me or what!


My name is the Japanese word for “cloud”. I am a silly little Bichon Frise who LOVES everyone I meet. I am a goofy boy whose favorite game is keep away. I like to steal your toys then make you chase me! I am definitely part of Bichon Club here at TAW so my best friends are Bogey, Daisy K, Duffy, Lilly, Jacque and Cutie

lexi s.

Fun, loving, silly, wiggle butt and always up for a game of wrestle! That's me! I most enjoy keep away games with the other labs. Oscar L and I are good buddies, but I am too fast for him! He never wins at that game. I do fly-bys at him and he never gets me! July, 2011 Pet of the Month. Hey...I was pet of the month!

little chef

Let's both have a seat... and take a minute.  I am Little Chef,  also known as Cheffrey.  I am a super cute, funny, silly goofball of a guy.  Sure, I might take a minute to be your BFF, but when I do we are golden.  I am a super star, really smart and know lots of stuff.  I adore my brother Julius,  but also really like hanging out with El Rey, Dobbie, Percy, Daisy L  and Twinkles. 

lizzi b.

wanna snuggle?  That is my #1 priority. After that we can run and chase and I can chew your face,  that's #2.  My buddies are anyone really, but  I love Fergus, Ralphie, Rossi and Winnie. I am super smart with a sprinkles of sass mixed in for good measure. 


Ok… let’s get this over with, I have A LOT to do. My name is Madeline, better known to my friends as Dirty Baby Brown! I am an ADORABLE smarty pants who is the life of the party. When my mom’s adopted me rom Furbaby Rescue, I melted their heart. I mean, let’s be honest here…. Could you resist this face? Sure, I can be a handful… but like I always say “you can’t love me in slices” At Tails I have tons of friends, but I guess if I had to say who my Bff’s were (besides my sissies Fiona and Chloe) it would be Dirk B, Max F, Daisy L, Shandy T, and Ashe S. Are we done now? I gotta chew on some dogs head.

maggie r.

Can you say WILD WOMAN? I am the pure essence if goofball... I will chase and herd just about everyone, barking all the way. At day care my best buddies are Kali M, Oso H, Otis G and Cara-Mia. We all run and run with toys in our mouths. I am a pretty agile girl that really enjoys running thru the tunnels and jumping up on the toy equipment. Wanna Play?


Hi! Nice to meet you…even though I had a rough start in life, I ended up right where I belong. I have a super loving family who thinks I am AMAZING, and who I am I to tell them any different. I like being silly, playing games and hanging out with my peeps.


Handsome, yes... I know. No need to stare. I am a solemn guy who loves the finer things in life, playing with dorky puppies, chasing dorky puppies and stealing toys from unsuspecting dorky puppies. I am super smart, well mannered and an overall great guy. Everyone wants to be me. Hey...I was pet of the month!

momo c.

I'm little momo... I may be tiny, but I am mighty. Although I do like to talk a lot, rolling around and wrestling with my friends is the best. I love Carly A, Kara HW, Dirk B, and Maggie D. I think chew time in the afternoon is fun, and especially when all my friends get together and do it in a puppy pile.

morocco mole

Hello, I'm tiny Morocco Mole. I love coming to day care with my brother Percy and my best friend Paco. But I will admit I do not get much exercise see, as you probably noticed I am too cute and the staff just loves to carry me around. But when my feet finally do hit the floor, I am usually found wrestling with Gus K, Paco, Percy, Bentley K or Reggie K. or relaxing in a big patch of sun


Moxie... just as my name implies I am one spirited girl. I can play ball all day and the bigger the ball the louder I get. All my friends are tough too, I like Percy, Toby G, Joey E the best. In the summer I love to go diving after treats in the pool. VOTED BEST BALL CATCHER; MOXIE W.


Hi, my name is Muffy. I may be short but I have the cutest button nose you’ve ever seen. I started coming to Tails to make new friends & experience the pack dynamic. I’ve made a lot of nice friends and met a few cute boys... especially Ping, Ozzie & Jackson. I enjoy sun bathing, chatting with my good friend Cookie, and chasing after the “Fetch Team” when I have a little extra spunk.

murphy m.

I am a wiggle butt all the way, but I am a super smart guy who loves everyone and everything. Running and chasing are my favorite games, throw in a good games of keep away and I am in heaven. My best buddies are Oliver A, Charlie T, Baker H and Bella L. Its hard to ware me out, but the TAW try SO hard! Hey...I was pet of the month!

murphy w.

So what if I am young and silly... I love life! I am all about running and frolicking with all the young dogs here. Shackle, Oliver, Maddie and Baxter are my best friends, but lets faces it... I will play with anyone! Hey...I was pet of the month!


Hello, Let me introduce myself, my name is Percy. I don't know if you know this but I'm kind of a big deal around here, my mom and dad own this joint so I am pretty much king, or as I like to call myself MASTER OF THE LITTLES. We love to come to catch up with all our buddies, Gus, Paco, Scooter and Moxie. It's good to be the King.

persey c.

Hi I’m Persey! I am a loveable hound dog who truly enjoys life! My friends think I’m the life of the party, and I always know how to have a good time. I’ll play fetch till my legs give out, and swimming is my true passion! I love my friends at school, and all of the daycare staff think I’m a big flirt with the ladies.


Crazy Man! Brother to Winnie, a rescue dog whose guardian is our very own- Jean, one of our BarkMoBile Drivers. LOVES everyone, but has a couple of very special girlfriends... ( Ok, its just Nellie, she's the one for him! ) He likes to play with the littles sometimes and with the bigs sometimes...depends on his mood. Wrestle is the best game ever. VOTED BEST DANCER: PING B. Photo courtesy of A Moment in Time Portrait studio.

polar bear

Hi Ya’ll I’m Polar Bear. I am an ADORABLE little lady… ok, more like a tom girl. I am small but mighty. My BFF’s are Madeline, Kara, Dirk and Ginger. Running and chasing are my most favorite things to do. I can keep up with anyone. I really like chew time and clicker training time. I like learning new tricks. My favorite one is doing fly-by where I launch at you for big kiss!


Hi everybody we are Reggie and Bentley... a couple of really great Chi! We are really happy to be a part of the Chi club at TAW. We love to play and run with the group... and we shout it from the roof top! Our best buds are Paco K, Morocco, Percy L, Gus K, Althea S and Elmo. We can often be found snuggling UNDER a big fleece blanket for our nap time. Ya for Chi Burritos!


Hi everyone! I'm Rolli... I can be a little shy when we first meet but as soon as I realize you are a treat dispenser, we are best friends. My brother Kakoa always checks in with me through out the day to make sure I am playing and having a good time. I am! My best buddies are Paco, Lofa and LuLu. June, 2011 Pet of the Month.

rosie e.

Hey! I'm Rosie the amazing Pom-chi I love tails a wagging so much I wagged my tail off ha-ha. I love everyone, Jellybean and Cricket are my favorites. I'm so grateful to be part of this super place and my mom and dad love it because I'm a tired pup after all that work I do playing. lol

rosie k.

Oh, hello... you caught me doing a mathematic calculation again.. I am a very smart dog ya know. I will admit I like to "pretend" to be a goofy girl, but I am really very, very smart and can do anything you ask me. I am so smart I just like to toy with you sometimes and pretend I have no idea what you are talking about ("sit? what's that, I have never heard that word before")... I do love my sista' Ivy and could wrestle with the wild boys all day long (Jasper, BlackJax, Moka and Nico and my lil cousin Molly K is a bundle of fun for me too) July, 2009 Pet of the Month.


Not sure why, but TAW staff can't seem to say enough good things about me. I am a sensitive girl, with a heart of gold. I have too many new friends to count, but my best buddies are Rusty P, Charlie D and a dash of Lucy C. I enjoy running games, and keep away games with my four legged buddies, and clicker training with the pack leaders the best. Hey...I was pet of the month!

ruby b.

look into my eyes, you are getting sleepy... sleeeeepy.... lol, just kidding, I only do that so I can distract you and steal cookies from your treat pouch! at day care, I have many loves, running (ok flying at low altitudes) and wrestling with my buddies Soupy Sails, Sophie R, Jake M and Ginger O.

rudy b

Hi! I’m Rudy. The Tails staff call me “adorkable” and cuddle me all the time. But I’d rather play with my friends…not sure why they’re so obsessed with me. Even though I’m just about the right size to be a “middle”, I really love all my friends in the little dog group. Jellybean B is my favorite, and Phoebe B, and Elsa M. I guess you could say I’m a real ladies man.

scotch e

Don't let me photo fool you... i am a wild man.  super silly and alasy looking for fun,  me and my BFF Otto can always find some trouble to get into.  But, you know what I really like?  You see, I have a crush on one particual lady dog, her name in Reina.  I like it when she bosses me around, so i bring her gifts a lot- like toys and chews and they she makes sure I know she is the boss of me. I love it!

simon c.

Ok... I don't have a lot of time... too many friends to wrestle with, but I'll take a moment, just for you. My name is Simom, or silly Simon like they call me at Tails. My best buddies are Strudel, Griffin F and Lily C. I am super smart and really cool, staff sometime fight over who gets me in their group, but as long as all my buddies are here, it does not matter to me! Hey...I was pet of the month!

sonnet w

they call me silly sonnet.  sometimes super sonnet.  but I am working on sassy sonnet.  I am a very loving golden pup who loves life.  I am as smart as a whip and love the pool,  wrestling with buddies and story time (since story time gets me the most belly rubs)  Life is Great!


If dogs could have jobs, the Tails staff says I would be a comedian. I am funny, goofy, silly and make them laugh everyday. I have lots of friends but my besties are Otto K, Wellington, Ava A and Kona C. We are hilarious together! Puppy Power! I enjoy rolling on the floor and playing bitey face with my friends, then snuggling with staff.

sully c


don't worry if you are tall because i am super bouncy- I can almost fly I can still kiss you on the lips. I like to jump a lot when I play and I like to play chase with Skooner D, Harlund F, and Sunny D. I am a bit of a wild man,  but very loved!


summie w.

Summie (pronounced some-ee) They called me controlled chaos... I'm a very smart dog, that enjoys keeping the energy up in the group. I am everyone buddy and pal. Ball is a favorite, but so is group keep away games. Best buddies are Babe, Sophie C, LeRoux and "sometimes" my bro Murphy. Hey...I was pet of the month!


You know those blond girls who everyone thinks is ditsy... but could really run the world? Well, lets me introduce myself, I'm Tanith. A super smart, princess of a dog. I am very friendly and sweet and all the boys follow me around. My best friends are Charlie, Athena, Chloe L and Fred. November, 2008 Pet of the Month.